wow i saw some fourms

Published May 30th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

wow i saw some fourms about fsm and how the followers are entitled to their opinion and can choose to belive whatever they want. well…. so do i and my opinion is that you are not entitled to your opinion. Suck on that FSM.


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  1. Bargain Booze says:

    Sucks on what Egor says, doesn’t like the taste of it, spits it out and continues to be of the opinion that the almightly FSM will taste much better.

  2. JJShed says:

    Egor my fellow facist strand. Feel the joy of the FSM around you and interiorize it. Can’t you see the holy apendages on your everyday life? The fabrik of space and time in which you exist is wooven with ethereal spaghetti strands binding the universe together! Feel the warmth that gives birth to both star and meatball. See how the seaweed, the tree root and the vines all mimik the spaghetti interwoovedness. Finally the mesh the networks and pages that compose the internet. Everything that endures mimics the gread spaghetti. Feel the noodle! Feel the warmth!

  3. Bootstrap says:

    Silly Egor, I will paraphrase something very wise I heard Senator Arlen Specter say recently: “When you ignore someone else’s right to free speech you give up your own.” May you bathe in His warm saucy goodness, that you may not be condemned to strippers plagued with venereal diseases in the afterlife, nor beer flatter than Paris Hilton’s chest.

  4. Duiliath says:

    It’s unfortunate but here there’s this thing called the first amendment of the declaration of independence which allows for freedom of religion and speech, so even though you have the right to say what you think, it doesn’t make it worth anything coming from an intolerant piece of filth.

  5. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    How does your attitude differentiate you from the average dictator, Egor? Or is Kim Jong Il your idol?

  6. Princess Psycho says:

    Well as I am only here for the Pasta, beer, savory snacks and dressing as a pirate I take it you came here for the strippers so I take it you were a bit disappointed. By the way Dinosaurs rock though anyone ever seen Bibleman ….. he beats the bad guys by quoting lines from the Bible I do wonder what would happen if he was up against a dinosaur, I suppose he would of been a 10 rate super hero but he did go down a threat for the dinosaur, hopefully some really cool meat eating one, though with the really wooden acting I suppose that one of those Sauropods might find him a bit tasty

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