wow i saw some fourms

Published May 30th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

wow i saw some fourms about fsm and how the followers are entitled to their opinion and can choose to belive whatever they want. well…. so do i and my opinion is that you are not entitled to your opinion. Suck on that FSM.


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  1. David J says:

    Damn, who can argue with that kind of logic?

  2. rumhead says:

    Wait a second,…

    THere’s a single digit IQ community now?

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    It couldn’t have been easy typing that little tirade whilst covering your keyboard/screen in spittle. Try breathing through your nose. Also seriously consider addressing your obnoxious anger issues. Your current religion has obviously turned you into an ignorant hateful moron.
    Remember that the FSM really does love you Frost_vamp. He wants to touch you with His Noodly Appendage of enlightenment. All you need to do is open yourself up to His Noodly touch and let Him come unto you.
    Have a nice day :)

    PS Please keep in mind our 30 day old religion back guarantee.

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Ooops..wrong thread! DOH! Have too many tabs open here.

    Anyway my opinion is that eehaww is an boring ass. Yawn.

  5. Ian Patrick Hughes says:

    OMIGOD. Shit. He got us on a technicality!

  6. Madden says:

    In response to Ted:
    No, I don’t believe this religion exists simply to spoof religion.
    The point is to spoof the dogma that always accompanies it; I don’t have a problem with Christians, I have a problem with the idea of following something only because your parents have told you to bypass logic and warship an invisible man in the sky. This religion was founded to fight back against having this brainwashing taught as an “alternative viewpoint” to observable and testable science.

  7. chezilla says:

    Egor, perhaps if you repent to his noodly forgiving godlessness, he might have pity on you and bless you with a full set of teeth and running water. So let it be written, So let it be done. RAmen.

  8. plumberbob says:

    @ – theFewtheProudtheMarinara – #31,
    From what I have heard, there is in North Korea, a wonderful regime that may fit Egor’s social needs.


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