took control over my body

Published May 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson



The holy flying spaghetti monster took control over my body for the last 3 days with one mission: to spread the word!

If I consider the over 100 times he explained the only true religion to the lost souls, the 50 people who touched his holy noodle and convert to pastafarians and the strange but very powerful attraction of his eyes, I would say the mission was successful.

Oh, before I forget: he say hi to everyone!

Pastafarian Zala


15 Responses to “took control over my body”

  1. Steve says:

    great costume!

  2. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    What? Are we assisting to the First Avatar of Our Noodly Lord? Those two questions will be discussed in the June 31st Monthly Forum of Pastdivinity Studies in Modena.

  3. Identitycrisis says:

    Very nice, also, what is that on the upper picture? It looks like a tape.

  4. Jerry says:

    I would touch you with my “noodly appendage”…

  5. DreddPyrateRoberts says:

    A fine lass in a fine costume ye be. We are a better lookin’ group of believers than any other. Yea, methinks we are truly the chosen.


  6. Artanis186 says:

    That’s… interesting.

    Perverted noob

  7. noodleyneil says:

    that’s amazing!!! we should make a lot of those and have a parade or public event wearing those!!! Stay noodley my bretheren.

  8. Tacomagic says:

    Can anyone say Macy’s Thankgsgiving Day Parade float?

    It could be epic… so long as a strong wind doesn’t come and send our Noodly Lord on a journey of the sauce.

    In Love and Pasta,
    Pastafarian Taco

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