More Evidence that His Noodliness Created the Universe

Published May 3rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Behold! Astronomers have discovered even more evidence that His Noodliness created the Universe and blessed it with rum-swilling Pirates:


The centre of the Galaxy also tastes of raspberries, which make an excellent dessert following a hearty meal of spaghetti, meatballs, and grog.

And there’s more! Not only did He imbue our galaxy with the divine scent of rum, but He crafted its instrument of intoxication as well!

The molecules are thought to form when chemicals that already exist on some dust grains, such as ethanol, link together to make more complex chains.

Booze in space. Can there be any evidence more convincing that His Noodliness loves us?


-Pastafarian Julian

25 Responses to “More Evidence that His Noodliness Created the Universe”

  1. Johnny Aldente says:

    This is real! (As everybody can see)!
    Ana, you have to proove what you say!
    Photoshopped? Facepalm!


  2. no u says:

    WHAT?! photoshopped??!/!?1?!21one You don’t say

  3. Brian says:

    It is photoshpped, ANA!?!! Say it isn’t soo!

  4. Wutzibu says:

    ana its not the photo its the Link… read it and youll understand that HE created the whole universe.

  5. Fartoholic says:

    It is now beyond doubt that his noodliness is indeed the creator of the universe.

  6. Wutzibu says:

    He refers to the Link not to the picture. read it and then you may be touched by his noodly appendages

  7. simsy says:

    @Ana (#2)

    The photo isn’t the evidence, the Guardian article is.

    Please read things before you reply to them, or you’ll just look stupid.

  8. Barnacle Jayne says:

    “Galaxy’s centre tastes of raspberries and smells of rum, say astronomers”

    And the pasta flows freely… it’s only a matter of time before they discover this as well.

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