Published May 28th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

omg hahahahah this shit is hilarious. this guy is totally right your all a bunch of retarded fucks. and that dude up there who the hell would marry you when your worshiping my fucking dinner. do you have like a noodle strap on hahah oh my god. please go to hell. your all dumb


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  1. Shelldigger says:

    Apparently Brenden, #42, thinks irony is something you do to a shirt.

  2. So_So_Man says:

    He may have been saying “Oh My Gemelli” (another type of pasta).

    @42 (even though he won’t have the balls to come back and check comments)
    1. Apes made people. Going by your logic, we should be worshiping apes.
    2. I’m pretty sure that the Bible says man was made in god’s image, not that god was a man.
    3. You ask what legal action could be taken. Refusal to teach one religion’s beliefs whilst teaching another’s in a public school is discrimination based on belief, which I’m pretty sure is illegal.
    4. 10 Million is a big number.
    5. The whole post should be rewritten with proper spelling and grammar if you want it to be taken seriously by the scholars of the noodle.
    6. You ask, who would be stupid enough to allow the teaching of something as “ridiculous” as Pastafarianism? The same people that allow something as irrational as intelligent design to be taught in schools as science.
    7. The proper legal course of action would be to sue the school board for millions of dollars for taking away their rights.
    8. Your last request, to “Start living a real life in a real world created by God” is impossible.
    9. We do not worship spaghetti itself, but use it to worship the almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    10. You say millions more people believe in Christianity than Pastafarianism? What about the people that out-populate Christians and believe in Hinduism? If Christianity gets to claim to be science, then they should be able to claim that their religion is science, along with everyone else.

    No, I’ve seen a couple pop up that have remarkably good grammar.


  3. Alex says:

    I have something real quick to point out, notice in almost every hate letter people constantly replace “you’re” with “your”. I’m getting tired of the grammar fails.

  4. Mango says:

    Poor Casey were not the dumb ones. Take a look in the mirror, you came on this site to give hatemail to somthing you dont understand. All Hail The “FSM”!!

  5. Katie says:

    It is really funny when this chick says we’re dumb, but uses the wrong homophone for “you’re” in said statement of stupidity.

  6. Bo says:

    Why do Christians always seem to go there, “If you don’t agree with me you can go to hell.” I wonder if Christ walked around wishing eternal hellfire on people with different beliefs than his own. I’ve never read the bible (I prefer The Lord of the Rings when I’m in the mood for a good fantasy), but from what I’ve heard of this “Jesus”, he’s seems to be all about the whole peace, love, and goodwill towards men thing, not the damning everybody who doesn’t believe in what he believes in to a eternity of unimaginable suffering… thing. Or did he. Either way, Christians suck.

  7. Alice says:

    The moment you go to The Flying One and beg for noodly forgiveness for your blatant blasphemy, then we’ll all consider going to hell.

    P.S. ‘your’ would constitute ‘being in possession of’ so either we are in possession of “all dumb” – I’m unfamiliar to this, but rather than shutting off the idea of alternate possibilities, I’m open-minded – or you need to revise your grammar.

    May The Flying One bless you,
    Best regards, and RAmen.

  8. sooshi says:

    @42: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha, it’s all madness isn’t it 42?? Why would we teach such nonsense in science class eh? Eeeeh? Oooooooh, the irony!

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