Published May 28th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

omg hahahahah this shit is hilarious. this guy is totally right your all a bunch of retarded fucks. and that dude up there who the hell would marry you when your worshiping my fucking dinner. do you have like a noodle strap on hahah oh my god. please go to hell. your all dumb


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  1. ninelives says:

    haha i love how u say “your dumb” because in reality you’re dumb because you’re is the contraction of you are. i know that and im 13

  2. anwaien says:

    All hate mail senders have grammar deficits. It’s truly amazing.

  3. Marcymarc says:

    I’ll be watching the darwin awards for this girls name (www.darwin-awards.com) i’m looking for her award, punching the tv because she thought its was real then trying to clean it while it’s on with water before throwing the now burning wreck into a pool of petrol and dancing on it. This is what happens when people mate with pickles these are there very disturbing offspring.

  4. MarcyMarc says:

    For anyone who does’nt know the darwin awards are there to prove that evolution does take place by showing us the stupidest deaths or self sterilization of different people i.e shooting yourself because you wanted to test if your new jacket was bulletproof.

    From MarcyMarc

  5. Katy says:

    your dumb
    shouldn’t that be “your dumb friend,”
    so u forgot a word.
    minus the cussing, very polite!

  6. Hap says:

    Our all dumb what?
    Good to hear you are eating the Holy food. Hopefully His noodely appendage will bless you and help you learn some grammer.

  7. Asparagus Lady says:

    Please note that when attempting to insult people’s intelligence it is wise to do so in a grammatically correct manner.

    The phrase you are looking for may have been ‘You’re so dumb’ – which would have made the point that FSM worshippers are dumb.

    ‘Your so dumb’ would actually suggest the ownership of ‘dumb’ belonging those worshippers.

    Hope this helped! :) xx

  8. Brenden says:

    What?… Spaghetti Monster?… You gotta be kidding me. This is beyond stupid. I’m so sure that a spaghetti monster made this Earth. Earth was created by man, a man named God. Spaghetti was also created by man. I read that letter and what legal action are you going to take because we wont believe in this nonsense. You can’t force us to believe in something so stupid as a spaghetti “MONSTER” that came and made this world for us. Once again, WE CREATED SPAGHETTI! SPAGHETTI DIDNT CREATE US! I mean seriously why do you think we would believe you. Why would you be so stupid as to even say this. When you die, who is going to take you? You think that you will go up to your spaghetti monster and he will give you everlasting life? I’m surprised you actually had the guts to make this public. Who cares if you have 10 million spaghetti worshippers. How many more people do you think believes in God? Millions more! I just can’t get over the fact that people would be stupid enough to believe you. You want to teach us about how spaghetti made the world in our schools. HA! Who would be stupid enough to allow that. And what are you going to do call the cops and say, “ARREST THE SCHOOLS FOR NOT BELIEVING THAT THIS WORLD WAS CREATED BY A FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!!!” Go see a counselar or something. Get some help. Start living in the real world that was created by God. And why doesnt your spaghetti monster do something about us non-believers in your stupid religion. Why doesnt he do something about it to show us he was the one who created this world. I hope you wake up one day and realize that it was not my friggen dinner that i ate last night that created this world. Start living a real life in a real world created by God.

    -Start believing

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