Liberty University should lose its tax exemption

Published May 31st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has asked the IRS to investigate whether Liberty University – the church school founded by Jerry Falwell – is in violation of tax law.

Liberty shut down the school’s Democratic club (because of unGodly support for gay rights, pro-choice views, etc.) The school’s Republican club is still intact and receiving school support.

AU says that’s bullshit since, as a tax-exempt institution, Liberty is barred from showing preference for one political party over another.

An excerpt from the letter AU sent the IRS:

By banning a Democratic club while permitting a Republican club to exist and offering funding to the latter but not the former, university officials appear to be operating in violation of federal tax law.

Here’s the letter (.pdf) AU sent the IRS.

Our view: the Church of FSM believes religious organizations should not be exempt from paying taxes. Or perhaps that the application for tax exemption was not so ridiculously long. Or that someone would volunteer to take over the paperwork for me.

What do you think – would the Church of FSM find trouble with tax officials, were it to achieve tax exemption? We pay a retarded amount in taxes right now and the IRS still came to my door and asked me a bunch of questions. Jerks.

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  1. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Wench Nikkiee,
    Right on, re your post above and in “What is this”. I have to say, though, that as Pirates who steer between the Scylla of factionalism and insincerity and the Charybdis of (take your pick) looking like Jerry Falwell’s church (which pretty much looks like Jerry Falwell, the swine), we should try to keep our tent inclusive, LOFLMAO. May his Noodly Appendage rest lightly forever upon your shoulder.

  2. Truth Prevails says:

    Listen all you who sit on a high horse with an attitude towards those of faith, You think your mocking us and our views since many choose to stand firm in defense if the faith as paul said. But your sadly mistaken your attempting to mock THE LORD CHRIST YESHUA aka YAHWEH the GREAT I AM. And his word says only the fool makes a mock of sin but be warned: YAHWEH IS NOT MOCKED FOR WHAT A MAN SOWS THAT SHALL HE REAP!!!

    I understand the satirical nature of this site and the so called religion, And I have no problem with it because as a real christian I know we are given free will. But when I see that a bunch of arrogant clueless spiritually brain dead fools attempting to mock the core of mine and millions of others faith I have to speak up. Now Religion is a man made attempt to justify yourself before GOD and to try and lessen responsibility or the penalties you feel may happen.
    That said I think you should become a organized religion why? simply because christianity isnt a religion its a relationship they are not mutually exclusive. And in honesty religion even christian based can and has done more harm to the cause of CHRIST than anything else has IMO.

    Also your showing your hate for ID and attack on those who believe in the biblical account of creation is pathetic at best, Because your insults are more immature and childish then our so called myth as some call it. It seems also that many here are ignorant and uneducated on the matter but just jump on the bandwagon because they are too lazy to take time to research it themselves and draw an informed opinion.. Whats funny is even scientists at NASA admitted the bible scenario of creation was right(they actually said they believed the account was not far off and was pretty close to 100 percent) Actually it is right, AS Louis Pasteur said… A little science estrangeth a man from his GOD while much science brings him right back.. The funny thing is the ID teaching is more solidldy based while evolution keeps falling apart every time they say they found the missing link aka Nebraska man, Piltdown man, etc

  3. Boarg says:

    @Truth Prevails

    I can see clearly from your standard of English, your level of argument and your grasp of science that you are a student of Liberty University. Tax law is plainly the least of your problems.

  4. M. Wood says:

    You all are taking this completely out of context. It’s not about whether they are Democrat or Republican. Quoting the chancellor: “Officially recognized student clubs and organizations that bear the name of Liberty University are expected to uphold the standards and principles of the University and act in a manner consistent with its mission.” LU believes that a baby is person the moment it is conceived and thus doesn’t advocate or believe in abortion. The Democratic club supported a candidate that wasn’t pro-life which violates LU’s policy for clubs. If the Republican club were to do the same, the same punishment would be delivered. Get your facts straight before you start running your mouth, and this goes for everything you stand for.

  5. Apprentice Frederic says:

    Gee, Truthie Baby (#26),
    I hope you’re wrong about the NASA scientists. We all knew that the Bush administration was anti-science (probably because they didn’t realize that *much* science would bring us all back to Jesus), but nobody would have guessed that they got THAT far into NASA’s knickers. All those pitchers of Saturn and stuff must have been made up, because nobody who talks like you say they do (and nobody who talks like you do) could find their way out to the privy, let alone get to Saturn.

  6. Receptor Damage says:

    1) That would be “you’re sadly mistaken”. Please learn some grammar. Try to limit your sentence lengths – the rambling does not help your stance.
    2) Quoting your silly Zombie has no evidential weight here, he is clearly just part of a parody of Pastafarianism. I challenge you to find objective evidence to the contrary (circular reasoning does not count).
    3) I don’t understand – how are the Muslims/[insert one of the 26 major cults here] not arrogantly mocking your belief (simply by holding an alternative theory of equal validity) in the same way?
    4) Pastafarianism is not a satire it is every bit as valid as your Zombie worship.
    5) So you don’t believe in the organised religion of Christianity, but you do believe in Christ? Where did you get this notion of Christ if not from Christianity? If some parts of Christianity are correct and others are not, what methodology do you have for determining which parts are true and which parts are not?
    6) “than” not “then”. Honestly, you call us clueless and uneducated? You might find most here actually know more about the Zombie cult than most Zombie worshippers. Lucky for you, his Noodliness does not discriminate on intelligence.
    7) Bandwagon jumping – I know, shameless isn’t it? Back in the good old days, the Zombie worshippers did the hard yards and tortured people until conversion or death. How can we call ourselves a religion when we lazily expect people to make up their own minds?
    8) I couldn’t find any evidence to support your claim of NASA scientists being ID creationists. What I DID find however will surely float your boat: Pope accepts evolutionary theory. http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2009/02/vatican-backs-darwin-dumps-cre.html
    More evidence his Zombie parody religion is in league with the scientists! We all know His Noodliness created the universe.
    9) A little thinking allows you to imagine all kinds of crazy shit while much allows you to realise that you can imagine anything you like but that doesn’t make it real.
    10) There are less holes in FSM ID than Zombie ID. Therefore it is even more solid.

    Now I must return to my beer, spaghetti and wenches.

    May the sauce be with you,

  7. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Truth, etc.
    Yet once again, dear friend: I reread your note – after a supper of pasta, red wine, etc., – and think that the right thing to say is simply that you are a sanctimonious prick, perhaps a little like the Piltdown Man, though I never knew him personally. I don’t think you speak for the Creator, of whom you have no infinitesimal inkling. Given a choice between eternity in a heaven into which you have been admitted and a hell in which you and your like are not to be foiund, I do, indeed, pick the latter. But you’re gonna get it anyway, because my in-laws will be there with you. After a few gazillion years (way less than eternity with YAHWEH, THE GREAT I AM, you’ll beg to trade places, even as stupid as you are, Truthie Baby. Of course, I may get bored with strippers without STD’s and beer volcanoes after a few gazillion years, too. Call me, say, in 10^70 years,,,,

  8. Ron says:

    Truth Prevails @ #26.

    First, you get points for using a spell checker. Then you lose them for using it wrong. Then you lose more for having no understanding of grammar. Honestly, it’s not that hard. I mean, do you actually talk like that?
    Second, adjust your meds. Seriously. Something is definitely out of balance, there.
    Third, if you’re going to spout semi-incoherent ID propaganda, you might want to avoid stuff that can be easily fact checked from now on. As you may have noticed by now, there people aren’t easily bluffed.

    Good luck with you next rant!

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