Liberty University should lose its tax exemption

Published May 31st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has asked the IRS to investigate whether Liberty University – the church school founded by Jerry Falwell – is in violation of tax law.

Liberty shut down the school’s Democratic club (because of unGodly support for gay rights, pro-choice views, etc.) The school’s Republican club is still intact and receiving school support.

AU says that’s bullshit since, as a tax-exempt institution, Liberty is barred from showing preference for one political party over another.

An excerpt from the letter AU sent the IRS:

By banning a Democratic club while permitting a Republican club to exist and offering funding to the latter but not the former, university officials appear to be operating in violation of federal tax law.

Here’s the letter (.pdf) AU sent the IRS.

Our view: the Church of FSM believes religious organizations should not be exempt from paying taxes. Or perhaps that the application for tax exemption was not so ridiculously long. Or that someone would volunteer to take over the paperwork for me.

What do you think – would the Church of FSM find trouble with tax officials, were it to achieve tax exemption? We pay a retarded amount in taxes right now and the IRS still came to my door and asked me a bunch of questions. Jerks.

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  1. StJason says:

    Well, that all depends. Have you registered His glorious church as a religious organization? If not, the I vote to not do it, as you’ll be in international waters most of the times, anyway. :D

    That said, this is veering dangerously into political stuff, and that is the same offence that Falwell (*spits*) made. It really doesn’t belong here on a forum for discussing the TRUE and RIGHT way of life and the formation of the universe.

    In my personal opinion, however, Falwell (*spits*) should have a noose around his neck, and be stuffed into a cannon facing forward, so we can keel-haul with what is left. The only problem with this idea is that I’m not sure it’s environmentally friendly. So we’d need to haul the ship to float on a sewage treatment pond or something.

  2. OrigamiSquared says:

    I say go for it! As StJason argued, we do near political topics. However, we are solid as a religion, and we do not discriminate. We welcome opposing views, and we fund all sides equally (aka with warm noodles in their belly.) The one stance we as a church DO take is that I.D. should not be taught in schools. I would say this makes us MORE of a religion. Without trying to shorten the rights of other religions, what kind of religion are we?

    As for the tax exempt form, I will gladly fill it out for our church if I get promoted to co arc prophet. I just wanna be under the umbrella of the tax exemption. ;). My e-mail is [email protected], or the one published in the post. Contact me if you are interested.

  3. Scooter says:

    I do believe the Church of the FSM should be recognized as a church by the government.

    However, I firmly believe that churches should pay property taxes, if nothing else.

  4. murgadroid says:

    Keep in mind that Falwell is dead (thank FSM!) it’s just the fundy corporation that remains.

  5. Pastafarian Brandon says:

    I think no religious organization should have tax exemption, even ours.

  6. OrigamiSquared says:

    Despite my first comment (#2) I DO believe all churches should have tax responsibilities. However, that is why the CoFSM SHOULD apply for tax exemption.

    The point our church makes is ID shouldn’t be taught in schools, and we argue that by saying if ID should be taught in schools, so should we. Obviously we shouldn’t be taught in schools, and thus ID should not be taught in schools. It is the same thing for tax exemption. People will think twice before accepting that the CoFSM should get tax exemption. It is only a slight leap in thought to say neither should normal churches.

    I think we can most effectively make our argument by ALWAYS ALWAYS striving for the same rights as churches. If we agree with the rights, fine. We should have the right too. If we disagree with the rights, obtaining them is the best way to fight them.

    Again, I am very willing to help our dear Henderson with fighting for this right. My summer needs a little excitement.
    fsmftwbbq at gmail.com

    P.S It would be hilarious if we made a dent in this debate. We could then link Liberty University to destroying tax exemption.

  7. max says:

    In that case Brandon, we SHOULD apply for Tax Exemption. Either they grant His Noodlyness’ organization tax exemption, or they reconsider the whole issue. Only problem with it is that they would probably give it to us.

  8. DRock says:

    Maybe getting a tax exemption is a good thing for the Church of the FSM. It can help bring to light the ridiculousness of the existing exemption laws for religions. When I say that, I kind of mean it as a joke because of course I whole stomachly believe in the FSM and unthinkingly follow all He doth spew from his divine red-sauced tentacles.

    The status quo will not change unless it is questioned/tested and I believe the FSM wants this tax exemption for his followers so they may afford more pasta and whatnot. RAmen.

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