impressions in the sand

Published May 5th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson



I recently learned of the FSM but didn’t take it seriously, as I thought it was intended to mock Christianity….but then, as if by the power of Marinara, I came across this undeniable evidence while on a road trip to Las Vegas. I was on I-80 near Reno, NV when I found these impressions left in the sand. There can be no other explanation.

– Duke
Alexandria, MN

21 Responses to “impressions in the sand”

  1. ex-Possible Convert says:

    I see two imprints in the sand. Could it be that the FSM has a “girlfriend”?

  2. captain pirate says:

    YEAH! i just knew the FSM had been to the land of my old life!
    But now i be a sea farin’ pirate! and i be a capt’n too!
    Well, good luck with vegas and may you be touched by the FSM through the free booze and slot machines!


  3. Arg Sayer says:

    Wow! You drove from Alexandria to Las Vegas!? Cool. Arg.

  4. jeremy says:

    u guys r retarded dum asses

  5. Some High Schooler says:

    His Noodly Goodness has teabagged Nevada.

  6. Jamie says:

    ‘I see two imprints in the sand. Could it be that the FSM has a “girlfriend”?’
    I believe those two imprints would be of the two meatballs (at least that was my impression).

  7. Buccaneer Banzai says:

    ’tis plain to see it’s proof, indeed. May those who disbelieve enjoy their stale beer and diseased strippers, mateys. RAmen.

  8. ex-Possible Convert says:

    @ Jamie: Ah yes…they indeed could be the imprints of His Holy Meatballs!


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