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Published May 25th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian P Krush spotted this. Google “this” and the Church of FSM is on top.

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  1. lilwench says:

    not anymore

  2. ex-Possible Convert says:

    @ lilwench: That is because Evolution is “just a theory”, and Unintelligent Design (FSMsim) is a fact. Google Australia must have known this, and so have removed the links to the Origin of Species.

  3. Dyl says:

    This now has Church of FSM coming 2nd behind This American Life

  4. snakeye says:

    thats odd, it was only my second. my first result was this american life, second was church of the flying spaghetti monster, and third was urban dictionary

  5. ex-Possible Convert says:

    @ Dyl and snakeye: That’s just the Flying Spaghetti Monster testing your faith. You’re seeing it as the second result, but it is actually the first.


  6. Koji says:

    In Canada, we have to look below This Magazine

  7. Gummihu says:

    We’re first on google.is, also Darwin is in second and third

  8. Waldo says:

    I wish I had great ranking for my blog lol! My article about FSM doesn’t even show up on the first page :-(

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