FSM spotted over Statue of Liberty

Published May 2nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


I spotted FSM over the Statue of Liberty!

– Pastafarian John

19 Responses to “FSM spotted over Statue of Liberty”

  1. pirate pasta says:

    wow that is amazing didn’t know his noodely appendages could look so stylish

  2. adam says:

    holy crap, he has come to take back the mountains, trees and the midget because of the lack of faith!! bow down before him

  3. Thal says:

    thats awsome

  4. captain pirate says:

    aye, that be one pretty sight. I think i should take me crew there someday!

  5. Madden says:

    Wow… this is defiantly a sign, it’s not even a huge stretch to see like most of the stuff that get sent in. It’s clearly the FSM. RAmen

  6. August says:

    It’s a MIRACLE!

  7. Phil says:

    I feel like the FSM has lost it’s edge. It used to be funny and stuff but now its just kinda stupid. I thought this religion was created by atheists to make fun of christians, but I never thought it would still be around today. I think it’s funny that atheists base their identities off of the denial of something that they don’t believe in, instead of just being plain old human beings. Plus, you claim to think for yourselves, yet pretend to follow this fake religion that somebody else thought of?

  8. plumberbob says:

    @ 15 – Phil -,

    You seem to have forgotten the original purpose for this religion. Right now, the right wing religiosos are trying to get Creationism incorporated in public school science curricula. It is as important as ever for us to fight this fraud and stupidity that could cripple this country’s scientific and medical creativity. If we fail, we would then watch our intellectual strength and leadership crumble in the face of international laughter.

    Don’t fight science. Science always wins. It makes religious people seem foolish to battle against facts (see Earth in center of universe), and it takes reasonable people who still harbor faith, and turns them off to religion entirely. To anyone who understands science this is crystal clear and it appears like the creationist zealots are just lying and using deception. If that’s true, why believe them about the other stuff they claim that has no evidence? This is the problem. The world is laughing at you. The internet will hold creationist comments forever and when India, China, and the rest of the world blow our doors off in science, medicine and technology we can point back to the religious types who stirred controversy and taught distrust in science and scientists.


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