FSM spotted over Statue of Liberty

Published May 2nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


I spotted FSM over the Statue of Liberty!

– Pastafarian John

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  1. He Who Doubts says:

    @ #15 – Phil

    How is Pastafarianism not funny anymore? Does the amusement not derive from secularists making fun of religion as you say? Are we not still doing that? It’s true that the faith in His Noodliness is stupid, but that’s the point; if it weren’t there would be no mirror for religious adherents to look hard into.

    Speaking of funny, you said you get a kick out of atheists basing their identities off of denial of that which they do not believe in. Why is this? For one I’m not an atheist, I’m agnostic. I consider it a better disposition, as being agnostic excludes certitude. Secondly, I base my identity with regards to this topic on my REJECTION of what somebody else DOES believe in. Why not simply be me and call that enough? Because pride in my faithlessness creates divisionary notions in my mind between myself and “the other guy.” A good thing too, as religion is dangerous and must be fought. For demonstrations of this fact, please visit the following:


    Only when all religions go the way of ancient mythology can anyone, with respect to religion, have the socially healthier philosophy of a singular human family.

    Lastly, we do not simply claim to think for ourselves. Each person who supports Pastafarianism has thought for themselves as freedom from religion has granted them this ability, and with it they find like persons whom they can relate to on websites like these where pretending to follow the FSM is all a part of the joke meant to expose religion for its embarrassing absurdity. Do you have any less capacity for thinking if you repeat the same knock-knock joke someone else used?

    Don’t think that this is meant as an attack against you; I sought only to candidly respond to your post. You seem to have given your support to Pastafarianism at one time, hopefully now you’ll think it’s still worth it.


  2. Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

    At first I too thought it was little more that satire but now I belive it just makes so much sense

  3. Wren says:

    @15 Phil
    As an atheist I don’t believe we “base [our] identities off of the denial of something that [we} don’t believe in”. I would be an atheist regardless of whether or not other religions existed. It’s only that if there was no religion then there would be no need to name atheism. Because there are people out there who believe in god/allah/buddha/farting chocolate dude or whomever, and give themselves a name to identify them to fellow believers, then there equally has to be a name to identify those who do not believe. Atheist or Pastafarian works for me.

    Similarly, if there were no wars, perhaps we would have no need for a word for peace. Unfortunately, currently, the need for the peace nomenclature also remains.

    While there is a need for a definition of atheism I shall continue to fly the flag of the great FSM, and IMHO he is as funny as he ever was.

    May you be touched once more by his noodly appendage and bathed in the warmth of his (vegetarian) bolognase sauce.


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