dinner sighting

Published May 9th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Look what appeared before me (as the vegetarian option) at dinner last night!

Keep up the great work in spreading His message!

Brother zagbag, Austin TX.

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  1. manolo_elmas says:

    In my blog:

  2. Raist says:

    I don’t really see him. Maybe because it’s vegetarian the meatballs are less apparent?

  3. Sean Boyd says:

    It’s one of the beautiful aspects of our Meaty Noodly Lord, that He can appear in vegetarian guise should he choose. He is truly all-including. RAmen!

  4. VermicelliVillian says:

    The word “meat” comes from the Old English “mete”, which referred to food in general, not specifically animal flesh. “Mad” in Danish, “mat” in Swedish and Norwegian, and “matur” in Icelandic are all modern words for “food” in those languages, which came from the same Germanic origins.

    It is a testament to his love for each and every one of us that His Balls can be made of any sort of “meat” that is most appealing to the individual, whether it be beef or soy or any other substance.

    It’s nice to know there are other vegetarian Pastafarians out there. We are truly all His creatures.

  5. Saintsalive says:

    I am a vegan pastafarian. I believe this also proves that the FSM loves us all. I mean sure it says a bit about vegetarianism in the scriptures of the gospel of the FSM, but I can see that he supports all lifestyles.


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