FSM spotted in the bahamas

Published May 11th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


While vacationing in the Bahamas recently, I spotted Him in Little Harbor on Abaco Island (attached). I assure you this image is 100% authentic, and is not ‘shopped.

I don’t know the real reason he materialized, because He didn’t see fit to tell me. Perhaps it is related to the well known pirate heritage of the area. I was puzzled by what appeared to be a plate, but I may have mistaken His surfboard. My theory is that He was on vacation, because you’ll have to admit—He looks pretty sauced in the photo.



6 Responses to “FSM spotted in the bahamas”

  1. sexypyrate says:

    i love the bahamas!

  2. steph says:


  3. Alice says:

    I used to bartend at Pete’s in Little Harbour – I assure you that the FSM used to manifest his noodlyness to us on a daily basis (especially after a round of Blasters…)

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