promised land

Published April 29th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Finland is the promised land for followers of the FSM


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  1. Wil says:

    I never saw that. Good eye!

  2. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    A throughly study of the Original Drawing shows us pretty clear that the mountains and the trees very close resemble typical landscapes of Finland (see an example). In regard to the midget, I must remind you all that the average height of the Suomi people is considerably lower than, say, Swedes.

  3. Charlotta says:

    haha, we’re the blessed people living a holy country.

  4. dadalelo says:

    now we are just nitpicking, this used to be original

  5. ben says:

    ok……. so the FSM will take u to FINLAND when u die??? u realize u can just go there anytime u want? its called an airplane or a boat. but seriously, i dont believe that anyone who is not mentally insane, over the age of -12, has an IQ over 1 could ever believe this. oh, and wat if u dont believe in this? where do u go if u die and ur not a believer??? like seriously, why IN ALL HOTH WOULD YOU BELIVE SOMETHING THIS RETARDED?? WHY WOULD U WORSHIP A GIANT FLOATING PLATE OF SPAGHETTI THAT “TOUCHES” YOU??? ARE YOU GAY???? OBVIOUSLY!!! LIKE WHAT KIND LOSER WOULD YOU HAVE TO BE TO BELIEVE IN THIS I MEAN COME ON YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY JUST DESPERATE FOR SOME INTERNET FRIENDS. LIKE WOOOOW YOU REALIZE YOU COULD JUST JOIN SOMETHING WORTHWHILE AND NOT WASTE YOUR LIFE HERE ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IN THIS AND WORSHIPS THIS HAS NO RESPECT FROM ME AND WANYONE WHO TEACHES SOMEONE TO BELIEVE THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE BAG OF CHEESE

  6. thelastpirate says:

    Is the forum broken?

  7. Atheist says:


    Shut up.

    Thank you,

    Concerned Atheist.

  8. Taylor says:

    HOW STUPID ARE YOU PEOPLE! The flying spaghetti monster is complete sarcasm. The FLM is a metaphor for god. All of the things said about him and the “evidence” that he exists is mocking intelligent design by taking some of the ridiculous things and explanations intelligent design claim to have evidence for and changing them slightly to the flying spaghetti monster. This man isn’t starting a real religion. He is very cleverly mocking intelligent design and staring a movement that against intelligent design being taught in schools. Anyone that takes this literally is an idiot. Go back to your church and pray for some intelligence. I’m a 17 year old from east tn… (snake handling and speaking in tounges country) and i picked it up immediately. I’ll make it simple. Is any of what he is claiming really any more far fetched than Christianity? or Buddhism? Or any other religion? Think before you post people

    • Masa says:

      BLASPHEMY! You will burn in the chili of the pasta mountain!

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