Popcorn FSM

Published April 22nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


I have converted to Pastafarianism, after I found that the Flying spaghetti monster had honoured me with his presence and touched my popcorn with his noodly appendages!

-Pastafarian Emma
Leeds, U.K.

57 Responses to “Popcorn FSM”

  1. Grusset says:

    @bfd #3:

    What is wrong with you? Of all the stupid ideas: flying spaghetti monster! Come on! You are foul and stupid.

    (Or better: Flying Spaghetti Monster).

  2. Ana says:

    I pissed my self reading this. its THAT funny

  3. Dominique says:

    Kawaii ^^ And how are we foul we have tons of people who belive! >:V

  4. angel hair says:

    soo.. how do pirates come into this?

    soo, if FSM is jesus, whose satin? flying macaroni monster? are we all FSM’s spaghettio’s?

  5. plumberbob says:

    @ – angel hair – #12,
    All of your questions are answered in detail in The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster that’s available on the side bar to the right of your post. Everything about The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has evolved independently of any other religion. An important part of the CotFSM is the eight “I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts” that are the ethical basis of Pastafarian Life:


    Remember that our non-theological goal is the exclusion of religious mythology from public school science curricula:


    If all this fits for you, join us, and may the sauce be with you.


  6. plumberbob says:

    @ – bfd – #3,
    What’s the matter with you? You came to our website; we did not intrude on your site. If you came here to share ideas and to learn, you’re welcome. Please see my references for poster #12. If you came to be hateful, please shove out, and go away. We have far too many hateful trolls who slither in here:



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  8. Brant Hiraoka says:

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