mystery snow print

Published April 17th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


This imprint was found today on a snowy field in Orivesi, Finland. People are trying to figure out what made this kind or prints in the snow. Some are guessing it was a meteorite, others think it was just caused by melting water. But we know the truth, right?

Pastafarian anni,

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  1. Danime says:

    RAmen! :O

  2. James Gosling says:

    The proof is out there !!!

  3. Lioss says:

    Finland must be a blessed country.

  4. turboguppy says:

    All hail the noodly appendages that melt the water with pasta goodness. I think I smell basil, and oregano!

  5. DavidH says:

    Not only has He left us this sign, but He has marked it with two sacred red arrows, that we may more clearly perceive His greatness.

  6. Picobyte says:

    Maybe the site owner can mail this to Anni?
    Dear Anni,
    That can be the effect of lightning!
    Never came up in me until l saw this picture.
    There is a good chance pictures like this are very rare.
    When thunder strikes there is usually also lots of snow or rain that cover’s the scene.
    An if one does survive someone has to fly over it with a plane and accidentally spot it and have the camera ready.
    Send it to http://www.spaceweather.com or the weather service.
    Most countries have lightning detection and keep records of where and when lightning hits.
    If you know the time and location of the picture they can say if and when that spot was hit by lightning.

    Groetjes,from the Netherlands,

  7. Colin Wright says:

    I wonder if I can get my wife to look at this one? It’s pretty convincing…

  8. Rev Tony Rigatoni says:

    [email protected], what the hell are you doing on this site, messing it all up with science and stuff, just accept his Noodliness and take Him into you heart and stomach, you will be enriched and the need for all that ‘science’nonsense will become totally uneccesary, indeed a hinderence, to your life. Abandon your science and just believe…….

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