Mercury arc rectifier

Published April 27th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Discovered likeness of his noodleness in a Type 80 Radar Modulator, this is a mercury arc rectifier AKA a Mekon.
-Pastafarian Kevin

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  1. Baisersucre says:

    Amazing that a scientific invention such as this displays influence of his noodly touch.

    Two things

    #1. Have you noticed all the religious advertisements/ad banners on the side bars on Facebook? You can give each ad a thumbs up or down. I’ve been giving the thumbs down on each of them. It imediatley asks you for a reason. One option they give is “I find this ad offensive”. Don’t know if that falls in line with our teachings, but I thought it worth mentioning.

    #2. Why havent I seen any of these ads for the Church of the FSM? I feel it would be totally appropriate to have a few :)

  2. Fusillier says:

    I’m not surprised, it’s the obvious place to look

  3. Pope Pixel I says:

    Cooooool. It’s always nice to see science and religion supporting each other so clearly!
    -Pope Pixel I, wench-addict

  4. lawyerfan says:

    I can sorta see a resemblance to what I imagine His Noodleness would look like if he weren’t invisible, but I think this is the product of an overactive imagination. Like seeing the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a potato chip. I mean, where’s the meatballs? Where’s the sauce? Keep offering up this kind of stuff and skeptics will think that all FSM believers are a bunch of nutjobs.

  5. noodilified jesus says:

    it seems like the fsm is trying out his handy noodles on glass making and self-sculpting. I still think they are better(just slightly) with some sauce and a plate though.

  6. Matt Osborne says:

    You people are all infidels. God is a sock-puppet, not a spaghetti monster. I have spoken with him in person!

    (His name is Murray.)

  7. daqq says:

    Nice find! As an electronics designer I added a little image of His Noodlyness to one of my PCBs… nobody got the joke here in Slovakia though. :-)
    Oh, and realworld science has tons of examples of Noodly-designs – spaghetti code, some PCBs, the residue of spinning metal, oh and don’t get me started on chemistry and weird polymers… Can’t say there’s a lot of Jesus/Mohamed/Whoever faces appearing on such places…

  8. Gorilla The Hun says:

    There he goes again! Changing results to suit his mood.

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