Mercury arc rectifier

Published April 27th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Discovered likeness of his noodleness in a Type 80 Radar Modulator, this is a mercury arc rectifier AKA a Mekon.
-Pastafarian Kevin

15 Responses to “Mercury arc rectifier”

  1. Mohammad says:

    His noodleness again insists to reveal himself in everything we see and feel. Only hard-hearted people would say this is a coincidence.

  2. captain pirate says:

    That there fancy machine when she was built mustv’ had blueprints that the FSM himself altered to make it be lookn’ like him!

  3. DreddPyrateRoberts says:

    Yarrr.. I shall get one installed at me helm.

  4. ex-Possible Convert says:

    @ Matt Osborne: It is the FSM that is making you think those thoughts…to test your faith.


  5. Autymn D. C. says:

    Here’s his sister.

  6. Autymn D. C. says:

    Here’s his sister: http://twitter.com/alysdexia.

  7. Lavonne Fernades says:

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