It may be a free country…

Published April 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

It may be a free country but this is fucking retarded! Blow me tard! Were you fucking bored when you made this shit? Drunk maybe? Plese go kill yourself! PLEEAAASEE! FOR GOD SAKE(FUCK THE MONSTER)eat shit dude! The only cool thing is the pirate thing.
It is hard to descibe my hate to your kind of people! FSM is a hobby and not realigion! I really hope you really suffer a slow and painful death! Thanks dude! Suck one

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  1. CrudOMatic says:

    Goddamn straight it is a free country bitch. You got that right – even though nothing else in your life.

  2. Bazilisk says:

    “FSM is a hobby and not realigion!”

    if we are a hobby, not a “Realigion” why he is so angry? he said it by himself

  3. Harrison Ford says:

    I’m very happy that you have come to us with your problems. Listen you obviously feel anger and, for reasons beyond my knowledge, you have decided to take it out on us. Feel free. That’s what the hate mail section is for. But if you listen to yourself, you should understand that you aren’t following your religion. This knocks out your conscious reason for taking your anger out on us. So I would like you to delve into your subconscious: try to understand why you can’t accept us and our ideas of change. Think about this but please, PLEASE, try not to move responsibility. I feel for you, but DO NOT PRETEND THAT YOUR LIFE’S MISHAPS ARE OUR FAULT! Do you understand? If you have a problem, figure it out instead of shifting the blame onto us. And Jews, Muslims and Buddhists aren’t all evil either by the way.
    May peace rest in your blemished soul…
    or something like that.

  4. Pastafarian Convert says:

    If Pastafarianism is a hobby and not a religion, do you get his upset at people whose hobbies include knitting? Do you run into a fabric store and yell obscenities at the patrons? Just curious.

  5. Logan says:

    It’s people like you who are ruining the world. We don’t have to believe what you do, nor practice your practices. Yet you think we do, you think that we need to take to heart your beliefs. Small wonder the Catholic Church killed scientists who claimed we weren’t the center of the universe. Years later who was right? In time all “God’s Work” will be explained by science. Then people will realize FSM is the true God.

  6. Floiid says:

    why yes I do yell wild obscenities at random hobbyists. We run into local hobby shops, spill the magic cards and knock over all of the model airplanes. Right after we write and draw vulgar notions on the glass cases we steal the shitty three cent paint for the nine year who are obsessed with fake model cars. To wrap up our day we go to the previously mentioned fabric store and spill the knitting needles. Crazed old women run everywhere mocking our fancy shoes and expensive “record players”,the point is, im not Harrison Ford. I found my family, and to all of you assholes who care enough to comment, which would also be me, damn you. Damn you to hell.
    Oh and not pancakes.

  7. daniel says: talk realy beautiful.

  8. DarthFennec says:

    Wow. Um … Wow. Some people can be so intolerant, can’t they.

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