It may be a free country…

Published April 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

It may be a free country but this is fucking retarded! Blow me tard! Were you fucking bored when you made this shit? Drunk maybe? Plese go kill yourself! PLEEAAASEE! FOR GOD SAKE(FUCK THE MONSTER)eat shit dude! The only cool thing is the pirate thing.
It is hard to descibe my hate to your kind of people! FSM is a hobby and not realigion! I really hope you really suffer a slow and painful death! Thanks dude! Suck one

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  1. Ode to a Grasshopper says:

    That’s not very Christian of you Christy…

  2. Maggie says:

    Could you please go learn how to spell and use grammar correctly? When you do please come back and try and prove a point. When have Pastafarins ever bashed YOUR RELIGION!?!?!

  3. pastifarian Ian says:

    i can’t stand people like u Ur so one minded you will not even listen to any one or any thing else. you may find it hard to believe but your god doesn’t exist either you praise a guy made everything in one day and he is all powerful and do wat he wants but how often do pray and you receive what you asked for .
    plus your religion is so contradictory you believe a guy made everything but you pray to a zombie Jew who died for no reason and you think he has all the answers and you say your god loves and welcomes all of his children in to heaven buy they resent the gays and the Jews and only believe in him and don’t acknowledge any unless it is written in the bible.
    you don’t want to believe in anything that is not in a book.

  4. PeaceLovePirates says:

    I fail to understand why you’re so worked up over our so-called “hobby.”

  5. Mike says:

    Agreed. The pirates are sweet.

  6. Archie Cooper says:

    You’re all insane. Ninjas are clearly waaaaaaay awesomerer than pirates.

  7. Christian says:

    I love the use of “tard” at the end of a word, use them quite often; but I have never heard, “blow me tard”. Perhaps he could use my personal favourite, quadro-spazed wrong-tard?

  8. sir orrifice p bathwater says:

    to zach 164. most likely not man do read the responses,but hey we all do and thats great!best responses ive ever read,witty,intelligent and non abusive,now that takes restraint!well done to all posters never take anything too seriously(within reason)especially religion!great laughs thanks:)

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