It may be a free country…

Published April 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

It may be a free country but this is fucking retarded! Blow me tard! Were you fucking bored when you made this shit? Drunk maybe? Plese go kill yourself! PLEEAAASEE! FOR GOD SAKE(FUCK THE MONSTER)eat shit dude! The only cool thing is the pirate thing.
It is hard to descibe my hate to your kind of people! FSM is a hobby and not realigion! I really hope you really suffer a slow and painful death! Thanks dude! Suck one

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  1. CoolRastafarian says:

    Does anyone else find it odd that all these “religious people” who are defending their god/religion are using such vulgar language… I don’t think that your god appreciates that very much

  2. Garrick McElroy says:

    Hi, Christy!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the nice message. It seems that they’re letting children cuss earlier and earlier these days. Seeing as how yours is a violent God and wishes a slow painful torture on those, probably nicer people than most Christians, who simply wish for some evidence as to his existence. Have a great day.

    Here’s to hoping His Noodly Appendage touches you,

    If you wish for a reasoned discussion on the existence of the FSM versus your various religion’s God, my e-mail is [email protected]. Thanks!

  3. Mostly Harmless says:

    Dear Christy,
    My condolences for you linguistic and mental impairment. However, intriguing though your primitive attempts at civilized speech are, I must inform you that there are better ways for one such as you to contribute to society. Have you, for instance, considered castration?
    Mostly Harmless

  4. jubilation says:

    i want to date that girl christy. i have always liked the name christy, and i like pirates too, and conversation would never have to be a priority.

  5. NoodlesMcGee says:

    Do not hate his noodlyness. Embrace it, caress it, make it your own and one day you will know the true meaning of en-noodlement!


  6. JakobNoodleLover says:

    I only hope that one day you can learn to embrace his epic noodleyness. Yay for Pirates! RAmen!

  7. PanzerKrist says:

    “I really hope you really suffer a slow and painful death!”

    What, like Jesus?

  8. Ashton says:

    hahahahaha it because little ass- backwards shits like u have the thoughs in ur heads that u and ur lil facioused thousand year old fuck faced christianity. hahahaha what do u think the crusades were. /// If u dont believe what we believe… we’ll hurt u… anywho… its because of ppl like u that most ppl view christianity badly… so yah… if they wanna believe in this pasta based monster, well its there right… And what gives u the right to argue… U r the reason wars are started. GO FSM!

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