It may be a free country…

Published April 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

It may be a free country but this is fucking retarded! Blow me tard! Were you fucking bored when you made this shit? Drunk maybe? Plese go kill yourself! PLEEAAASEE! FOR GOD SAKE(FUCK THE MONSTER)eat shit dude! The only cool thing is the pirate thing.
It is hard to descibe my hate to your kind of people! FSM is a hobby and not realigion! I really hope you really suffer a slow and painful death! Thanks dude! Suck one

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  1. Terry says:

    Thank you for your opinion. I’m just curious…do you consider yourself to be Christian, or are you some other religion, or perhaps you’re atheist? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. thats nice says:

    thats nice.

  3. Embrosia says:

    how cute.

  4. Tom Davies says:

    Charming! Can these people at least use spell-check when they send hate-mail. And please, does FLAMING EVERYONE really work? It just makes me laugh really. It seems that hate-mail is made solely by idiots who don’t know what a dictionary/spell-check is, and have no control over their apostrophes.

    ~~Rant over~~

  5. CaptainWackyPants says:

    Wow. Once again, mental retardation rears its ugly head and vomits all over a cool idea.

  6. Captain Headwound says:

    Well, since it is a free country, you have every right to say that. But I also have the right to say the same about christianity, and every other religion. And by the way, Christy is usually the name of a female in our society, so how would we “blow [you] tard”? That seems physically impossible, unless you are hermaphroditic. If so, why would a just god do that to you? Hmm?

  7. Ack says:

    Wow.. talk about Hate Speech. It isn’t even a coherent argument… just a random collection of hatred being spewed at our Prophet.

    tho coining the word “realigion” – obviously meaning real religion – was very clever.

  8. Ron says:

    Well, Christy, you might find it easier to describe your hate if you learned to spell. I’m guessing that cutting back on the energy drinks might help a bit, too.

    Mind you (and I’m just putting this out there), you could try just giving up on the whole hate thing, entirely. Not only does that sort of thing sharply reduce a person’s overall Douchebagery, I’m also told it’s a very Christian thing to do.
    Beats being an ignorant dick, anyway.


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