ice fsm sighting

Published April 17th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Larry spotted this manifestation of the FSM in Canada.

7 Responses to “ice fsm sighting”

  1. rodiel says:

    This is Cthu-fucking-lhu!

  2. turboguppy says:

    That’s way better than some bleeding statue, or Jezubub on toast!

  3. Mike says:

    I would like to nominate Larry as the FSM’s Prophet on Earth … after all, is this any different than God appearing to Moses as a burning bush? Hail Larry!

  4. caleb says:

    i think your a geniouse and i would love to help email me. i host a webshow called dum show.

  5. lawyerfan says:

    This one makes a believer outta me. I can’t wait to hear the Darwinians dismissing this as a random chance occurrence. Where’d the eyes come from, you atheist heathens?

  6. jackieblue says:

    This ice sculpture is a miracle manifested. Surely multitudes gathered as they watched our Lord weeping for mankind. I too found your Website through the NYT article yesterday and I feel that the experience is akin to those who claim to have randomly opened the Christian bible and to have found a verse that seemed to answer the questions plaguing their souls–as if Jesus had directed their hands. (I tried that and got a bunch of “begats.”) Anyhow, I clicked on the NYT link and found the FSM. Did He direct my clicker? Miracles happen!

  7. american flags flagpoles says:

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