How can you know God is a FSM

Published April 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

How can you know that God is a F.S.M. if he is invisible? If he is invisible how can you see him?

What is said on this website, in your books and amongst yourselves doesn’t change what the Bible and the real word of God says. Gods word is like gravity, just because people don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it’s not true and doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences to jumping off of a cliff. Someone can easily say “I don’t believe in gravity because I can’t see it, etc..because it’s an old belief….” but that doesn’t change the fact that it is there. This is like Gods laws for all of humanity.

Have any of you ever seen your own brain? Does that mean that it isn’t there? Have any of you ever seen your heart? Does that mean that it isn’t inside your body still beating? Have any of you ever seen your soul? Does that meen that it isn’t there?

The fact is that we do have souls and I heard it put this way “If God did not exist than man would create one” and this is what has been done with the F.S.M. group. You have created a God and the Bible calls this idol worship. Often times groups in the Bible would create an idol to worship because they couldn’t see or hear or touch God.

God’s fingerprints are on all of creation and more and more scientists and peole are recognizing this alike. Antony Flew, one of the worlds most famous atheists has recently said that there is a God and one who is intelligent. The Bible does say clearly that man was created in his image (Genisis 1:27) so we know that God is not a flying spaghetti monster.

On another note, God’s word was written because He loves us and showed his unending love for us through his son Jesus Christs death on the cross and ultimatley, His resurrection from the grave. Romans 10:9 says that “If you declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Salvation comes through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone (John 14:6).

I would recommend that anyone who is a follower of this group to read not only the Bible but a series of books from a former atheist called “The Case for Christ” and “the Case for Creator” and from there you can draw your own conclusions. If you are truly seeking for answers in life than I would encourage all of you to search for those answers and don’t just give up by creating your own religion/idol.

Romans 3:23 says that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. That means you, me and everyone else in the entire world.

Think about it, if all the people in the world were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and the ship was going down and there were no lifeboats, everyone would need a Savior no matter how hard they tried to save themselves. That savior is Jesus Christ. Every other religion in the world is saved through works and Christianity is the only one where we are saved by our faith alone. Once a person proclaims that Jeesus is Lord it is up to that person to live his/her life for Him.

I hope that this has been some help to all of you.


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  1. Dusty says:

    It’s finally happened! Someone yammering bible verses at me has made me see the light!
    Oh, wait. No it hasn’t. It’s just cemented in me what narrow-minded creatures xians are.

  2. truth says:

    You cant see the forest for the trees. To your first question: that is the point. Second you cant use the bible to prove the bible.That argument is circular. Third everything you say about his noodliness can be said of god as well. But hey, I don’t teach science in your churches so plz don’t teach your religion at my school.



  3. Dan V. C. says:

    Did you just compare words attributed to magical god to a measurable atomic force? You would fail a high school earth science trash like that. Sight in not the only source for empirical evidence and in the case of gravity if you don’t trust any of your senses there are still instruments that can measure it. Just like how my fork vibrates a little when FSM is in the area.

  4. Simsy says:

    “The Bible does say clearly that man was created in his image (Genisis 1:27) so we know that God is not a flying spaghetti monster.”

    May I direct you to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bare_assertion_fallacy

  5. Pasta Fairy-Anne says:

    Thanks for reminding me of what Missionary Zeal is.

    In your honour, I shall place a couple of dozen stickers and some Pastafarian tracts inside Gideon bibles, and inside christian books in our local library.

    I hope you feel better soon, and that you may either give up on Jesus, or learn to spell his name.

    May your serve be al dente,
    Pastor Fairy-Anne

  6. daqq says:

    Congratulations. You first used crappy examples comparing things that have truckloads of evidence to back them up (gravity) to someones imaginary friend, used a work of fiction as evidence, and in the end provided a totally made up analogy of the world being a boat with no life boats (which by the way does not bode well for the intelligence of its designer).
    Oh, and, why are you sure that it’s not your god which has been made up? IMHO Religion is just a way of alieveating man kinds fear of the unknown – wheter it’s ligthning or death. If you get a bunch of nice stories to go with it (Bible, quaran, budhist books, our gospel), good for you.

  7. brian t says:

    You have it bass-ackwards. Why should “God” be the FSM? We don’t accept that the “God” you refer to is even a valid concept, far less something that actually exists. We just worship the FSM as if it was a god, but without all that “God” stuff attached. Ramen!

  8. jdb says:

    I love the cognitive dissonance here that comes from the assumption that FSM is real. 1) How can you believe in the FSM if he’s invisible!!! 2) Watch me make multiple arguments why you should believe in MY invisible god.


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