Published April 24th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am a 11 year old who accidently found your website. I can’t bellieve why you would do that. I really don’t like you. My younger brother almost found your site, I h-a-t-e you.

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  2. Maurice Visconti says:

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  4. Ben says:

    Was she actually afraid to say hate? Did she think it would be censored?

  5. Zuri says:

    I’m calling this a fake. Way too childish. “I really don’t like you?” Come on. I’m an 11 year old girl and even I know how childish this hate-mail is. The loser 20 year old man that wrote this doesn’t know how real 11 year olds talk and so he overacted. Why do you think pretending to be child will get your point across?
    I invite the author to come back as himself and write a real e-mail, not some first-grade level piece of crap that he pretends was written by a sixth grader.
    Now if it was a 5 year old girl I might believe it. The content would fit, if the impostor misspelled a few words. But no 11 or 12 year old is that childish.

  6. nun sequitur says:

    & horses r great…do not know of horse men.
    please donate or volunteer your time @ horse rescues, everywhere…

  7. the amaising cupboard monster says:

    sorry, you 11?? why the fuck do you have a literal mind? im 23 and im a pastafarian and your fairly xenophobic!!

  8. Rob says:

    So, what exactly is wrong with the religion? This mail states no problems she had, just that she ”h-a-t-es” it.

    • Keith says:

      She was eleven years old. Some people don’t start thinking for themselves until late in life: others don’t start thinking at all.

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