Published April 24th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am a 11 year old who accidently found your website. I can’t bellieve why you would do that. I really don’t like you. My younger brother almost found your site, I h-a-t-e you.

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  1. Jaysyn says:

    Why are you on the Internet by yourself, little girl? First your parents brainwash you & then they let you get on the Internet unattended? Awesome, responsible parents there kid.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Hey chicky, you’re pretty bound by your beliefs. Too bad your not Pastafarian. You could do whatever you want. I suppose since you’re 11 you can be excused. I’m sorry that you found the site. Stay in school

  3. Mihi says:



    Congrats, kid. You can SPELL.

  4. Justin says:

    Allirei says:
    April 6, 2010 at 2:52 PM
    “I’m calling this one a fake.”

    Agreed, no child brainwashed by fanatical parents would a. not have an internet filter, b. be allowed on the internet at all, and c. would tell their age to HORRIBLE strangers, lol, Justin

  5. Bosn_C_Otter says:

    Rachel, Im coming over with a bat. First Im going to kill mommy and daddy for letting an 11 year old serf the net without supervision. then Im going to skin you and gut you alive and wear your freshly plucked lungs as a funny hat.

    Now Rachel, aka fat, no friend 35 year old dude who still lives with his mom, Go find something useful to do with your life.

    • metalcraze says:

      omg wtf

  6. Antonette Zboral says:

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  8. Ted says:

    First off, as a REAL Christian, I have to say that I am VERY offended by this fucking bullshit. FUCK YOU ALL! You fucking satan worshipping pig fuckers! You asstards are what my reverand warns us about. Mocking our religion becuase you fear us, because you shun the REAL God! I am going to pray for all of you, but in reality I REALLY REALLY do not want to because you are all filthy fucking faggots that worship fucking noodles. RE-FUCKING-DICULOUS!!! A bunch of grown ups worshipping fucking pasta noodles!!!!! LOL!!!! I am glad to know that I am not a looney nut job like all of you, and that I WALK THE PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS! End times are coming, and the four horsemen will be knocking on YOUR doors when they come. Go ahead, tell them about your noodle messiah then as they laugh at you and followers. CONVERT NOW!!!! IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!! CHRIST CAN SAVE YOU!!! Don’t stray away from the light! God loves and forgives all! If you keep mocking the lord and his son, our savior, then there is nothing but damnation in store for you! DO NOT GIVE INTO THE DARKSIDE! WALK THE PATH OF LIGHT AND REPENT!!! I have given you the warnings, you can choose to listen, or you can continue being fucking retards believing pasta noodles will save you. I bet you fucking morons believe in the zombie apocalypse and santa claus too! REPENT NOW! YOU CAN BE SAVED!!! DON’T BE DUMBASS FUCKTARDS!!!

    With Love,

    • Apprentice Frederic says:

      Nice rant, Ted! I try to follow your style occasionally, but my wife smacks me upside the head and threatens to dump my grog ration. Worse, people take me seriously!

    • Thomas L. Nielsen says:

      “…as a REAL Christian…”

      Well, let’s just run down the checklist, shall we?

      – Decidedly room-temperature spelling abilities: Check!

      – Gratuitous use of caps: Check!

      – Major incidents of blatant hypocrisy: Check!

      – Liberal use of profanity: Check!

      – Use of the work “righteousness”: Check!

      – Exhortations to convert: Check!

      – Will pray for us (but doesn’t really want to, by own admission): Check!

      Yep. You’re a REAL christian, all right. I, sir, stick my tongue out at you!

      Regards & all, and rAmen,

      Thomas L. Nielsen

    • madcow says:

      You are a REAL Christian and you use that kind of language. What is happening to the world?

      • nun sequitur says:

        PLEASE someone compile a book of the hate mail, & site responses?

        Just leave mine out…but i think u would have a bestseller on your hands.

    • Xerxes says:

      I did not realize that a floating mass of complex carbohydrates was the same as a talking snake that morphed into a goat man. What passage of the bible is this from? Please get back to me shortly.

      I also never noticed that selling my daughter into slavery, as clearly allowed in the book of exodus is walking the path of light. However, you being a real christian, I am sure you are selling yours, what price are you looking for?

      You reference the zombie apocalypse as being fantastical, yet clearly call upon the four horsemen. Apparently the fourth horseman, death, has been booted and replaced by a horseman that is not a corpse. When did this happen, and where can I read about it?

      Excited to buy your daughter,

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