Published April 24th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am a 11 year old who accidently found your website. I can’t bellieve why you would do that. I really don’t like you. My younger brother almost found your site, I h-a-t-e you.

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  1. Alleged Demoness says:

    reply # 153
    I’m not going to attack an 11 year old, no matter what her parents taught her to believe. Hopefull when she grows up she’ll learn not to hate things she knows nothing about, but thats unrelated.

    Dear little Jackie, not everyone here hates religion. I myself don’t practice one, but I don’t hold it against others if they do. I don’t always agree with some of the things the people of FSM say. The statement “our god has bigger balls than theirs,” is more than a little condescending. If you really think we’re that stupid, well, no one’s forcing you to be here. I don’t really care if you think our religion is ridiculous. We may believe that a giant italian dinner created the earth, but well look at you:

    God created one man and a wife for him from HIS OWN RIB. The wife then was convinced by a talking snake to eat a fruit that taught her about sex, and then they were both kicked out of the wonderous place where good always grows no matter what the weather is. AND THEN TWO PEOPLE had enough children to populate the planet who were SOMEHOW immune to retardations and other various genetic deformations.

    No matter. The point is, your comment was very uncalled for. It’s people like you that made me turn away from religion in the first place. We have a right to think what we want, if you can’t respect that then you can leave.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely hilarious!

    I found this site about five minutes ago, this is brilliant. Mind you, I spent the last 15 minutes over at timecube, so I’m not exactly intellectually engaged right now.

    What I find funny is how all the religious people, whose holy books tell them to be tolerant and kind, are intolerant trolls. Seriously, the majority think that this is a dead-serious religion! the people here believe in awesome, and what you see is but one manifestation of that awesomeness.

    For those of you who are legitimately religious, this is called INTERNET HUMOUR. If you want someone that is actually hostile against all religions, races, and everything logical, go here:
    and make your eyes bleed with this self proclaimed (He’s not certified) “Doctor”.

    …I myself am an Acolyte of His Longness, Longcat. Although I guess that might be Raptor Jesus, I didn’t really pay attention in 4Chan 101. (Actual class at MIT. Totally true, no lies at all… >.>)

    but regardless of religion, why doesn’t everyone just be a good fucking person? Stop judging people for their satirical beliefs and go do something productive, like actually practicing what you preach.

  3. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Alleged Demoness, #185: Right on! Not sure I understand why evangelical orthodoxy generally thinks Pastafarians are atheists. In fact, nobody, as far as we know, has seen or heard from the Creator. With regards to 11-year-olds, check out #183. I think his surname (Kemal) means something like wise or perfect, from the post maybe deserved enough that we should include 11-year-olds in the Pastafarian tent.

  4. Wiggin says:

    Okay, two questions:

    1. What are you’re parents doing, letting an eleven year old girl (I don’t know many boys named Rachel) visit a site filled with profanity? The Pastafarian’s and they’re detractors have no problems throwing all sorts of violent language from curses to death threats. Tell you folks to invest in an internet filter.

    2. You just said you don’t understand why Bobby Henderson made this site. Why would you hate him for something you don’t understand? That’s like hating someone because they can do complex math. You can’t hate something you don’t understand. It might make you uncomfortable, but you cannot hate something without understanding it. Don’t worry; you’ll figure it out eventually.


  5. koko says:

    Why would you care if your brother found it little girl?

  6. Katie says:

    If you are 11 you shouldn’t leave a comment because you are too young to care.

  7. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Jack Wilson at #153 said
    “Who would want to join a religion filled with a bunch of stupid, retarded, deceived and hate-filled people anyways?” BILLIONS of people, Jack! Or maybe they didn’t really want to – after all, there is little CHOICE going on here. It’s drilled into kids before they can figure things out. If you waited until people were in their twenties, and then tried to sell them on religion, how many do you think would sign up? 10%? 5%?

  8. Allirei says:

    I’m calling this one a fake.
    When I was 11, I never told ANYONE on the internet how young I was. If asked, I told people I was 13 AT LEAST. When you’re under 13, it’s not cool to be under 13.
    Now, it is possible that the spelling and grammar could come from a 13 year old, but not the content. Even 11 year olds realize how childish it is to spell out “hate” to an adult.
    I wonder why adults think they’ll get more sympathy if they pretend to be children…

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