Published April 24th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am a 11 year old who accidently found your website. I can’t bellieve why you would do that. I really don’t like you. My younger brother almost found your site, I h-a-t-e you.

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  1. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    me(#173): If you’re that smart, why not use “you’re”?

    P.S. Get over yourself.

  2. Jessica N says:

    jack wilson said:

    whoa. she didn’t say she was a Christian> I AM THOUGH :D I think if an 11 year old is SMART enough to realize how pathetic and stupid this FSM religion is, than it goes to show how stupid all the FSM followers are. How dare you swear and beat up on an 11 year old. Who would want to join a religion filled with a bunch of stupid, retarded, deceived and hate-filled people anyways? You call us hate-filled believers, why don’t you look at yourselves, or is that too painful for you.

    My reply:

    You’re a Christian? You know what that means: Zombie worshipping cannibal vampire! Run for your lives!

    Firstly, it’s then, not than dipshit.

    Seconly, no one believes she’s eleven just as I doubt anyone believes I’m sixteen(almost seventeen, YAY!). If they did, they wouldn’t behave that way. If she’s eleven and she’s realized how pathetic and stupid our religion is and you’re obviously NOT eleven and you HAVEN’T realized how pathetic and stupid Christianity is then an eleven year old is more logical than you. This religion is a parallel to yours so…….think about that for awhile. I know it may take a few days to register. Try not to let it tax your brain too much or you might go batty.

    Thirdly, Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Yeah, I’m alluding to your bullshit, guide to life the bible. Some things in there are actually worth my time despite the inaccuracies and the crap about God and all that tosh. If you want to criticize our religion, fine, but don’t be surprised when we retort.

    Finally, fuck off! Just fuck off! We don’t need your “why don’t you look at yourselves” and all that rubbish. We HAVE looked at ourselves and we’ve determined that humans, the earth, the universe, all of it, is too extraordinary, too amazing, too grand and beautiful and awe inspiring and filled with wonder to have been created by one being no matter who, or what it is. This religion is not real but it has just as much substance and has been given just as much credence as Christianity. The Bible, while historically important and fascinating in its own right, is just stories. It was written and compiled by men. Not God, not a Saint, not even a fucking unicorn for Chrissakes! Men! And men are flawed and greedy and prone to weakness. They cut out parts about Mary of Magdala because they didn’t want to show how important a woman had truly been in Christ’s life and the metamorphosis of Christianity. They changed times and dates and places to fit their needs and passed it off as the truth in a time when people were desperate and looking for answers. They manipulated the ignorant and convinced them to persecute those who weren’t Christians.

    I’ve gone on far too long so I will leave you to your ignorance and simply say, adieu.

    • Ari says:


  3. Chubaca says:

    You know what, I feel sorry for little 11 year old Rachel. I am sorry that she has been brainwashed into Christianity. I am sorry that she will do what sick, narrow minded, things her parents tell her to do without question. But what I am mostly sorry for is that she will hate everyone who does not believe in her narrow-minded view of life.

  4. Clint says:


  5. Michael F. says:

    A-W! G-o-d b-l-e-s-s her!

  6. Trevor says:

    Hate is a strong word. Didn’t your mother teach you proper manners? Any mocking tone FSMism takes to other religions is both indirect and it doesn’t hurt anyone. Presumably, you practice one of the Abrahamic religions, and if that is so your religion is responsible for deaths caused by religious genocide, general racism, homophobia, and warped morality to the point that your religion is not in any way justified, regardless of how many people it “helps”. “Helps” is the key word, because in order to understand religion you need to know how it helps people get through their lives. This is why people defend their religions religiously (no pun intended). But the question that remains is this: “Does the fact that religion helps people cope with life’s problems really make their lives better when they could just live with the fact that there ALMOST certainly is no one out there governing our lives? The answer to that question is almost certainly a reverberating “no”. Wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t have to deal with the pressure of the delusion that a figure was constantly watching over us? This way our morality would truly be from within, and not warped by a set of rules created by a conformation of ideas from the Bronze-Age. Our morality would truly be by our own will, whether or not our will is “free”.

  7. AwaisKemal says:

    Hey, 169, I’m 11 AND I am a Pastafarion, and I have studied Christian Vs. Atheism for about three years, which may not have been a whole lot of time, but at least it’s some time! I pitty this girl, She has to lay off the Chick-Tracks or whatever!


    Awais Kemal

  8. Lou says:

    Give her a break, pirate dudes & dudettes.

    Like me, I’m sure many of you Pastafarians didn’t think much or ask questions about the faith you were indoctrinated in when you were 11.

    Hopefully in a few years time, the Divine Grace of Carbohydrates and Meatballs shall overcome her..

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