Good fun, at what cost?

Published April 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

What a great way to invest your time and I really appreciate your sense of humor. Sadly, there is a human emotion, or response called “regret.” For example, a drunk driver wakes up in a jail cell with no memory of the night before. He is walked over in hand cuffs to a “service window” and told he is being booked or vehicular man slaughter. It turns out he ran a red light, struck a SUV with a family of 5, killing 2 children under the age of 5.

The joy you receive running this web site is probably pretty big. I’m sure you love the ignorant hate mail you receive or the attention from other joy seeking worldly people.

My question to you is, do you consider yourself a good person? On the day of judgment when you’re standing in front of a Holy and righteous God, how will you fare? What kind of remorse do you think you, and others you may be leading away from God will feel when they are turn away from the gates of Heaven and cast in to the pits of Hell for not repenting for the Sin we are all guilty for? You have you ever lied, stolen or committed adultery within your heart?

I don’t honestly believe that you’re going to reply with some miracle response that says “yes, you’re right I will repent and follow Jesus.” Do yourself a favor. Do some research and really consider what you’re basing the fate and existence of your eternal soul on. If you decide to follow your current path, good luck friend. If you find yourself with even the slightest doubt of the certainty of your eternal soul then I suggest you pick up your Bible, read it and do what it says.

God Bless,


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  1. Aesi says:

    Honestly? You’re asking what i’d do if I was ever in front of your “god”?

    Wow. Okay, let me try.

    I’d swear at the son of a bitch first, then i’d probably try my absolute hardest to kill him and rid the world of some fucked up, self-righteous, genocidal son of a bitch. And that’s me being nice.

  2. Apprentice Frederic says:

    It’s always interested and surprised me that religious types believe that they behave decently and that their “decent behaviour” follows from their religion. The rest of that line says that if you DON’T buy their horseshit you can’t possibly lead a righteous life. Nick (Old Nick????) is pretty representative of a better class of bigots who actually couldn’t be helped by the Bible if they took their own sanctimonious advice. What’s thwe phrase – couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel?

  3. gimmethegepgun says:

    At least it’s refreshing to see someone who is well-spoken, articulate, and not spewing hate everywhere

  4. jeremykeys says:

    @ Nick, Although we appreciate your concern, it’s not necessary. We don’t believe in your God, Heaven or Hell.

  5. brian says:

    And, what will your response be when Zeus, the Almighty judges you for not believing in him.

    No evidence = no evidence for your (or any) god.

  6. brian says:

    Actually, if there is this all-seeing sky fairy, I think that he would praise bobby for adding humour to “his creation.”

    Or, most likely, this is all we get so enjoy it while we are here.

    “There probably is no god, so enjoy yourself.”

  7. bigjohn756 says:

    Do what the Bible says?! You have apparently not read the Bible very much and I am certain that you would never do what it says. Why am I so certain? Because you would be imprisoned early in your quest because so many of the acts recommended in the Bible are now illegal.

  8. ebenrazer says:

    I am sorry, but you all have been misinformed about the pastafarian hell.
    The beer is cold, the strippers beautiful as well as in heaven.

    In hell your mug has a hole and the strippers don’t.

    RAmen brothers (and sisters)

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