four and a half

Published April 13th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


My 4-year-old son, Chase, drew his interpretation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

~cheers, Wendy

Norco, CA

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  1. ex-Possible Convert says:

    I believe he was divinely inspired.


  2. andy says:

    Your son is very talented, indeed! Nice artwork; I don’t think I could of expressed my faith as beautifully!

  3. Aesi says:


    Because sometimes words just aren’t enough. :)

  4. eliezer crumb jr. says:

    the FSM will gobble down all the microbabies and spit them up into a new, plastic universe filled with Divorce Trees and sweet playthings like butter. then the FSM will eat many CALPERS rods full of swaying mango blood, furthering Rosco Tanner’s liver and mourning for toadstools, passing film around and pounding damsels into terrier wine. thus spake the holy Zenith lighthouse, lucifer of the fargo north.

  5. Richard says:

    Hey I know this kid! He is awesome, he can even draw you a water molecule. He has even viewed Saturn and Jupiter through my telescope. No narrow sighted world view there. The mom even rocks a ‘FSM’ plaque on her car! Wow…. keep the faith


  6. Pastafarian Danny Drey Age 13 says:

    this is the best drawing of the FSM i’ve ever saw. You are teaching that child the best religion

  7. Apastle Cory says:

    As only a recent convert and new to the ways of His Noodliness, it warms my heart to see such beauty spurn from the mind of a child.

    Great job, Chase!


  8. lucus says:

    ok, I have a serious question that is not necessarily directed at Wendy. everyone knows of the immense power of indoctrination and the harm it can cause, so if one brought up one’s child to ACTUALLY believe in the FSM, would they sincerely believe it?
    but I bet Wendy’s good enough to explain the reason behind Pastafarianism.

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