First communion

Published April 28th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


This is the cake that we made for our son’s first communion. Yes, you read that right – first communion – it’s a long and complicated story of cultures and families. How fortunate that our son got to eat two Gods in one day, and I think we all know which one was tastier.

-Pastafarian Brian

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  1. thelastpirate says:

    The forum appears to not be working.

  2. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    The Last Pirate may be right. The only strange thing is how it is malfunctioning if our messages are readable. Anyway it is strange that Brian’s work is not more commented.

  3. brendon says:

    I feel an intense combination of pride, faith, and hunger, all wrapped up in one big confusing trinity. I haven’t felt this way since the baker of that fantastic cake and I were dropped off by our parents to start altar boy training. Fantastic work, mi hermano!

  4. RSW says:

    Is it really appropriate to be so anti-Christian. If this were a site making fun of Jews. With pictures mocking Jews wearing tallit do you think this would be appropriate? Generally mocking another point of view in this manner is a slippery slope into other forms of defamatory expressions. I think that history has proved this. Many of you may have come from Christian backgrounds and feel that it is OK to mock what is yours but free speech should still be within respectful bounds. Does this help to build understanding in a world that is already charged with religious tensions? Do you think that making a site Mocking the Mosllem faith will help calm tensions? I think there should be thought about what you are doing and why.

    • Bishop Bob of Linguine says:

      what mocking? Our Lord and Savior (sauce be upon him) is just as valid as a fictional dead jewish carpenter. Why do I believe? Because his Holiness The F S M has come to me and could come to you too and probe uranus with his noodley appendage.
      All Hail the Omnipotent Lord and Master of the Universe (may sauce be upon him).

  5. CaptainRedTom says:

    heh heh heh… the Cap’m is pleased at this irony!

    …and he also wants that cake…
    mmmmmm… cake
    and spaghetti…
    Cap’m Red Tom

  6. Mogarth_Soul_Destroyer says:

    Jesus Riverdancing Christ RSW!

    Are you incapable of paying attention?

    This site isn’t intended to be anti-Christian, it’s anti-religion being taught in schools, and a poke at every self important religious fool who believes that whatever they have to say is the complete truth based on unproven rubbish and feels the need to shove it down the public’s throat.

    And yes, I will make fun of whatever and who ever I want you Islamic Atheist Christfag Jew.

    *bows* May everyone quit being such pussies on the internets.*bows*

  7. cindyb says:

    Can I steal that quote? “May everyone quit being such pussies on the internets” I mean. It’s like “there is no crying in baseball.” I love it!

  8. Brianne says:

    Wow. Things that make you go *snarf*

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