Published April 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Created by Pastafarian Damon. Very nice.

30 Responses to “Etch-a-Sketch”

  1. Keith says:

    That is wonderful Damon! I think you should be put on restoring the Cistine Chapel. After all, it is obvious that Michelangelo’s original illustration of the divine FSM was corrupted over the last 500 years.


  2. Ronbo says:

    This work of art has inspired me a missionary, and this time I’m not just referring to the position and a late night with that crazy drunk fat girl at the neighborhood bar who always wants to hook up by the end of the night and everybody else has already hit that and after about fifteen or twenty five shots of Rumplemintz and a harsh inner dialog to kill my self esteem I think I might go back for seconds.

    No, this time I’m talking the other kind of missionary – much like the Latter Day Saints (oddly, not recent New Orleans football fans) who don cheap suits, jump astride ten speeds, and ride out amongst the heathen masses to testify for Joseph Smith and golden tablets and magic glasses and very special underwear. I’m out of shape, so I’ll need one of those super lightweight carbon numbers, you can mail donations to me until I can buy one, plus enough to ship it and my widening keister to Salt Lake City, where I will pedal the neighborhoods bringing the good news of the noodle and the holy sauce to Utah housewives who have lost their moral compass (and soon, their special magic underwear).

    We should also collect some donations to cover my bail money, ’cause I have received a vision, no doubt granted by his noodliness, that I’m going to get arrested for spreading the gospel of the pasta. But then, religious persecution has a long and distinguished history. As they drag me away in chains, I shall plead with the supremely edible deity to forgive them, for they know not…well, much of anything, actually.

  3. OckhamsRazor says:

    @Red Handed Jill

    I’ve been etch-a-sketching for 46 years (well…on and off) and stairs is all I could get out of it, too.

    Mad props to the composer of the picture. Well done!!

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