Published April 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Here’s a picture of my Buddha t-shirt. HIS noodly appendages are manifest and evident.

Pastafarian Dom

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  1. Fusillier says:

    And he appears to be holding several pieces of parmesan

  2. Richard says:

    My dad is a Buddhist. Must show him this.

  3. Madden says:

    Apparently FSMism isn’t the only religion to have been touched

  4. Ishmale says:

    I think I can see his mighty balls under Buddahs arm pits….

  5. ex-Possible Convert says:

    And aren’t those red meat balls under his arms?


  6. Jamie says:

    “5 – April 17th, 2009 at – ex-Possible Convert Says:
    And aren’t those red meat balls under his arms?

    AND those must be his eyes on either side of the guy’s neck =]

  7. David Vilder says:

    I always knew that Buddha himself was a disciple of His Noodliness…

  8. Xak says:

    So it’s true, Buddha has reached divinity.

    I can only hope to join him in being so close to FSM as I am in my heart.

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