Ancient FSM worshipping in sweden

Published April 30th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


As a fairly fresh pastafarian i recently was blessed by his noodly precense when making plans for midsummer celebration.

In sweden we’ve had a pagan summer solstice celebration since at least the 13’th century, dancing around a flower covered installation.

And mark my word, i was astonished when i saw the resemblance to the holy carbohydrate-creator.

Pastafarian Re-Actor

14 Responses to “Ancient FSM worshipping in sweden”

  1. Boarg says:

    His Noodliness clearly appears to his Swedish subjects in that cool artisitc design way they seem to like. Clearly great love and respect for his subjects, unlike other gods I could mention who can’t seem to visit without a plague or pestilence to go with it, and fear and terror being the order of the day.

  2. Blue Rogue Pierre says:

    Old-wise, ye all can dance round yer pole whilst holding ropes that be tied to the top. The pole indeed be adorned in aplenty a noodly appendage.

  3. Apprentice Frederic says:

    Your comment – apt, BTW – reminds me of an old joke whose punchline is something like “…whaddaya mean, all I think about is sex? YOU’RE the one who drew all those dirty pictures!…” LOFLMAO.

  4. Ray A. Sharkey says:

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  5. Melankolis says:


    • Rasputin says:

      Wonderful! No doubt Odin enjoyed a plate of pasta with beer.

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