Ancient FSM worshipping in sweden

Published April 30th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


As a fairly fresh pastafarian i recently was blessed by his noodly precense when making plans for midsummer celebration.

In sweden we’ve had a pagan summer solstice celebration since at least the 13’th century, dancing around a flower covered installation.

And mark my word, i was astonished when i saw the resemblance to the holy carbohydrate-creator.

Pastafarian Re-Actor

14 Responses to “Ancient FSM worshipping in sweden”

  1. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Sorry – rather than our blessed FSM I see either an homage to Ben Franklin, the inventor of spectacles, or a phallic symbol.

  2. Strawberry says:

    I’m seein’ a penis.
    A very large line drawing of a flower embellished penis.

  3. Eric says:

    His noodly appendages became straight and firm to raise the pole. You were truly blessed to capture this proof of power in action. Ra-men.

  4. lucus says:

    You know what Fred Phelps would have to say about this “Gawd hates Sweden”. No kidding.

  5. Herrgeist says:

    Isn’t FSM sort of genital shaped with the meat balls and noodly strands?

  6. Pirate Queen L says:

    That’s because you’re not looking with your SOULS.

  7. Dr Arthur Frederick Ide says:

    All religions began as fertility rituals, and their ministry was maintained by robbing from those weak of mind who would contribute to their fantasies and wish fulfillment. Thus ancient gods had enlarged penises (as with the ancient Hebrew YHWH who married Asherah) to multiple and overly enlarged breasts (from Rome to India and beyond). The “Mother of God” was the title given to Isis and later adapted for the mythical Mary, and the Trinity was originally Cretean transported to Egypt and from there to the Middle East. Even Satan (actually it is a word that means Advocate) comes from various sources and ended up imprisoned in the Black Stone of Islam–which prior to the fantasy person Mohammad–the home of ancient tribal Arabian gods and goddesses.

  8. Arve says:

    Of course it’s a bloody huge phallos! :-) Old pagan rites are pretty… peculiar, aren’t they?

    As a fellow Swede, I’ll confirm the rite, but the semblance to the FSM rather escapes me as well…

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