well you really have people fooled

Published March 31st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

well you really have people fooled bitch, er. i mean, bastard, errr….Bobby!

you are obviously a satan whore who hypnotises kids into believing in this shit. do you burn down noodle restruants too? does bobby mean “douche bag” in “pussyfarian” or i mean “pastafarian”?

i hope you proud of your self douche bag, you and who ever created “jedism” and “invisible pink unicorn.” go get fucking laid instead of worshiping your next meal!

Jesus will have no mercy on you fuckers and you will be stuck on earth during the apocacalypes.

heres the real 8 commandments of “pastafarians”
1. i will be a fucker every day
2. i will stay single until i am laid by the fsm
3. paint useless pictures of naked men being “touched” by a hunk of noodles.
4. do my self
5. worship noodles
6. fill kids mind with shit
7. blow off christians
8. most important! burn in hell like a constipated jackass


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  1. CrudOMatic says:

    Ever notice that Christians in a tizzy sound like a large pissed off bird? Or that they only have two brain cells to rub together (more than that would complicate their belief in Jesus)? Or they think they are right when they try to bash the FSM, only revealing their own religion’s retarded BS in the process?

    You stay classy, F. Guess that means F-g?

  2. Allirei says:

    Oh wow. Those are some pretty strong points there… I don’t know how to respond.

    Except for one thing. That 3rd Commandment?
    [quote]3. paint useless pictures of naked men being “touched” by a hunk of noodles.[/quote]
    … There’s a “picture” of a naked man being touched by “God”. It’s pretty much the same picture. It’s on the top of the Sistine Chapel.
    Christians did it first.

  3. Disciple of Pasta says:

    3. paint useless pictures of naked men being “touched” by a hunk of noodles.
    Tiy DO realize that the original painitng of that is of you god doing the EXACT same thing, right?

  4. Disciple of Pasta says:


  5. so i herd u leik macaroni? says:

    This is possibly the worst criticism on the entire hate mail page.

  6. What the heck? says:

    C’mon, really? I mean, if an apocalypse happens, the world ends, right? So how can there be more than one? If there is a god, i doubt he wants to spend seven more days creating a new earth. And what evidence do you have to support that the world will even end?

  7. Ritchi says:

    Jebus loves us all so he will have no mercy when torturing us?

  8. FriggenDane says:

    He’s clearly just a lost soul who hasn’t yet found the path of righteousness into the heart of His Noodly Appendage.

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