well you really have people fooled

Published March 31st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

well you really have people fooled bitch, er. i mean, bastard, errr….Bobby!

you are obviously a satan whore who hypnotises kids into believing in this shit. do you burn down noodle restruants too? does bobby mean “douche bag” in “pussyfarian” or i mean “pastafarian”?

i hope you proud of your self douche bag, you and who ever created “jedism” and “invisible pink unicorn.” go get fucking laid instead of worshiping your next meal!

Jesus will have no mercy on you fuckers and you will be stuck on earth during the apocacalypes.

heres the real 8 commandments of “pastafarians”
1. i will be a fucker every day
2. i will stay single until i am laid by the fsm
3. paint useless pictures of naked men being “touched” by a hunk of noodles.
4. do my self
5. worship noodles
6. fill kids mind with shit
7. blow off christians
8. most important! burn in hell like a constipated jackass


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  1. DavidH says:

    Verreee interesting…. Ze master, Sigmund Freud, would have diagnosed ze trauma of ze pet hamster sexually abusing ze patient at ze early Oedipan retentive stage. Not curable, I think.

  2. I Drive a YAR-is says:

    “Jesus will have no mercy on you fuckers and you will be stuck on earth during the apocacalypes.”

    Who is this Jesus guy you are referring to? All non pastafarian people are blasphemies who hold no significance over us. Only our noodly master is the one true God, we have a profit who says so and books to prove it. That’s good enough for me, and besides the direct correlation between the shrinking number of pirates and the rise in global temperatures is so obvious even a person of an inferior faith can see it. Good news the recent rise of piracy off the coast of Somalia has caused the average temp of the world to hold steady for the last 9 years. It’s a miracle, praise your noodly master!!

  3. TheJosh says:

    Yes. A pastafarian painted that “naked man.” No other religion would be gay enough to display such images.

  4. NurturerNate says:

    We’re flattered that you think that Bobby is talented enough to paint half of the Creation of Adam by Michealangelo.

  5. Fysikern says:

    Read the section “about” before you post, please

  6. Dusty says:

    Wow! What a hate-filled entry! I like how Jesus will have no mercy on us fuckers! That’s the Christian way, I tells ya!

  7. Tatman says:

    Best hate mail EVER! More fuel for the fire to show how “love, peace and forgiveness” aren’t always in the front of a “Christian’s” mind. Bravo, F, bravo!

  8. Queen Sheva says:

    You do realize there is as much and/or less proof of your God as there is of mine? Jesus was nothing more than a man and The Holy Spirit is a chronic masturbator. And although I will overlook some of the filth in your typo ridden message, I will not overlook the misspelling of the word Apocalypse. Cut it out. If you want to be a fart in a jar, fine by me, but at least have the common decency to type like a big boy.

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