Published March 27th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

is the church a joke? i mean seriously, FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER?? no offense, but what kind of a god is that? and he has bigger balls than our god?? …

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  1. Ursidule says:

    Yes indeed!! Compared to our Noodly Lord,other puny, false deities are seriously Spheroidally Challenged.

    As regards “no offense”; please refer to the UN Human Rights Council resolution, passed by 23 to 11 with 13 abstentions, calling on all member states to legislate against defamation of religion. You defame the FSM at your peril – the UN says so!

  2. Sean Boyd says:


    To answer your questions: yes, yes, our kind of god, yes.

  3. Landlubber says:

    Yes, the church is a joke.

  4. Aesi says:

    No, yes, an awsome-sauce one (see wut I did thar?), see last answer, yes.

  5. Nangleator says:

    “is the church a joke?”

    Yes, based on the silly premise of Creationism.

    “i mean seriously, FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER??”

    Not seriously. See above, and the Open Letter.

    “no offense, but what kind of a god is that?”

    None taken. A joke god. As silly as any other god.

    “and he has bigger balls than our god??”

    He has meatballs, not testicles. A comparison of one imaginary being’s size to another’s is rather silly. And who’s this “our” you mention?

    ” …”

    Incorrect use of the ellipsis.

  6. gimmethegepgun says:

    Again, the answer to the first question: yes. It’s a satirical god, go to and look up “satire”.

  7. brian t says:

    They’re bigger, and they’re tasty! If you had to choose between imaginary space balls, or real meat balls, which would satisfy your hunger?

  8. ET, the Extra Terrestrial says:

    Read the letter, cassie. Read. The. Letter.


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