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Published March 29th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


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  1. Dr. Noodle says:

    Yes matey, His Noodlyness did in fact create that organ as well as all others.


    ~ rAmen ~

  2. HAPPYFACE says:

    Oh noes, he got us!

  3. Myself. says:

    Hooray for decisive statements.


  4. DanC says:

    hmm wise word. Are you referring to the current morale state of the world and the values of the human race as a whole? I think I understand what you mean in this post and I have to say I feel moved by it, you truly are a visionary of our time. Hey everyone lets follow this guy. I think he might be the messiah! Add some salt and a little dill and allow to stew for 2000 years and people will making sarcy comments to people who belive you are the messiah. Its a shame because I really think you might be the real deal, im gonna tell everyone!


  5. bogdweller says:

    A wonderful word! Begining and and ending with a hard consonant! I have always found this a fun word to say. Along with “pumpernickle” and “myomoodogfacethruthebananapatch”, “twat” is one of the funnest words to say! Thank you for cheering me up!


  6. Vicky says:

    See? I can do it too.

  7. CrudOMatic says:


  8. Watts says:

    Well this might be the most well thought out, well organized, and impactfull hate mail weve ever received! Bravo Twat!

    its still not enough to lead me astray from his noodley appendages though :D

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