FSM in China

Published March 26th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


His Noodliness appears in the form of a mini-Chinese alter consiting of incense and two madarines in Hong Kong. Indeed, we Chinese have worshipped His Noodliness since the beginning of the world.

– Pastafarian Christina

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  1. bigjohn756 says:


  2. Madelene says:

    Cool as this is, I don’t want people who have Jesus fortune tellers worshiping the same god as I do. It’s just a little weird.

  3. Arve says:

    Dictatorship or not, that’s one good reason to love China.

    Well, that, and jasmine tea.

  4. gooeld says:

    Hey Bobby, have you seen this bullshit?


  5. Finn McR says:

    Yes, Pastafarian Christina,

    Since the earliest evidence of noodliness was found in China ca. 4000 BCE, that shows that His Noodliness must have created the mountains, trees, and midgets only about 6000 years ago. The only sure test of the dating (as my Italian Grandma taught me) is to take a part of the subject pasta and throw it against the kitchen cabinets. If it sticks, the dating is good.


  6. James Ma says:



  7. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    James Ma is right. The FSM is ubiquitous. Pastarianism is the only religion in the world that it is as Chinese as American. Very different to parochial religions such as Christianity or Confucianism.

  8. Selena says:


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