FSM got me off work

Published March 25th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson



So I was having a terrible day at work, more for personal reasons than the job itself, but I was, when the boss walks in and ask: “Would you mind finnishing early, I could do with getting off and would like to lock up”. I’m sure you’ll agree this does not even qualify as a question. Anyway, feeling alot happier I headed home and when I got back turned to open my car door and get out; when I spotted a smudge on my window that nothing could have possibly prepared me for. I believe it obvious that not only is this undeniable proof of the Flying spaghetti monsters existance, but also that he came to me this afternoon and through divine intervention, aided me in my time of need.

My apologies for the low quality of the photograph I took, however I had only a camera phone to hand, and did not believe his noodelyness would wish to linger too long as I’m sure he is a very busy deity. Anyway, It is my hope that through this sighting, at least a few more of his children who are still ignorant of his being are able to see the truth, and they themselves come to believe.

Yours in all good faith and meatballs

-Pastafarian John

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  1. John Barker says:

    Whoops at not skillfully camouflaging the license plate of the car in the first image. I guess I’ll just have to prepare for a few waves of various “track you down through your license plate” style hunters. Best I go load the cannons me thinks.

  2. Rycka says:

    God with us. Ramen.

  3. Michael Riley says:

    Pretty awesome, subtle but obviously there.

    Don’t get why the license plate is hidden on the second one though.

    Still, fantastic, certainly undeniable proof that Our Noodliness exists.

  4. Erik says:

    I like how the license plate is scribbled out in the second picture, but not in the first…

  5. sexypyrate says:

    RAMEN, the Sauce be with you!
    surely his Noodliness saw fit that you should relax and get some sun!
    perhaps your boss has been touched… bring a copy of the Gospel to work with you; just set it on your desk, and wait for ppl to ask aboot it!

  6. yo ho ho says:

    Um, not to deny the fabulousness of it, but simply for veracity’s sake, I have to ask: You hadn’t sneezed on your way home, had you?

  7. A Noodle of Faith says:

    He looks shit faced again, lol.

  8. Gorilla The Hun says:

    Most images of the FSM I find too clear to believe. But this! You’re nobody till you’re visited by a vaguely formed, fuzzy deity!

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