Touched cactcus

Published February 22nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Seemingly overnight, my cactus sprouted three new appendages.

This happened shortly after finding out about the Gospel. Weird, huh?

This cactus has remained the same for over 10 years until now.


14 Responses to “Touched cactcus”

  1. DreddPyrateRoberts says:

    He is calling to ye. It would be wise to take heed and guide others to the touch of his Noodly Appendage.

  2. BraneMatter says:

    Swear to god, when my toast popped up this morning, there was a perfect image of the flying spaghetti monster burned into one side of the toast!

    At first, I was gonna sell it on ebay, but then I was REALLY hungry and I also had a headache from not eating since the previous evening.

    After eating the miraculous toast, my headache went away when I was instantly healed!

    Hallelujah! It’s a miracle for sure! Thank you flying spaghetti monster!

    I finally believe…

  3. angerednoodles says:

    wow, thats weird

    but cool

  4. Buccaneer Banzai says:

    Yaarrrrggghhhh!! ‘Tis truly a blessing upon ye, matey. He reveals himself to us in truly amazing ways, ’tis true!


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  6. roflmao says:

    lol i think you mean “sick” cactus

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