Touched … permanently

Published February 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson
Joseph’s leg, after getting the tattoo.
After it healed.

I have been converted.

Doubt my veracity? I awoke from a dream-like state and found I had been touched by His Noodly Appendage on my left (natch) leg.


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  1. FSMPinafore says:

    Dude, that’s hardcore. Sweet.

  2. Yomama bin Rotten says:


    I’m not really a fan of tattoos in general, but I’ll make an exception in this case! That is truly gnarly, dude (in more than one sense)!

  3. jsue says:

    I think this is a brilliant demonstration of how people want to believe in something supernatural so badly for comfort and reassurance that they will base their entire lives on a book written by men with no plausible evidence whatsoever. Not only will they follow, but they will also “know” that everyone else must believe in what they have found. When really all they have found…is a collection of poems and short stories to offer advice and entertainment written by men…not “god.” I think that this “religion” is a perfect way to bring that illogical thinking to light. Maybe some people who read this will realize how they have been brainwashed their whole lives to do what other men tell them in fear of supernatural punishment or whatever it is that makes them behave the way they do in the name of “god.” I don’t care what others believe, I just know how silly and sometimes dangerous it can be to be so blinded. I grew up christian…I am now agnostic. It’s the only thing that makes any logical sense to me. Hell…I don’t know what or who’s out there, and I’m sure not going to follow what someone else thinks is…because no one knows…there is no way to know. So…good job Flying Spaghetti Monster…nicely done.

  4. jsue says:

    So..I realize that I commented on the wrong thing…but oh well. There it is anyways…btw…how does the Flying Spaghetti Monster feel about homosexuals?

  5. Zinc Alloy says:

    Homosexuals too can be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

    The FSM welcomes all, as long as you’re generally nice.

  6. Paul says:

    Now there’s a true believer if there ever was one! :)

  7. Josh says:

    You have a penis tattooed on your leg.

  8. Anodyne says:

    Satire towards what you generally dislike I can understand…but dedicating your leg to it? …Why?

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