I am at a loss for words

Published February 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am at loss for words. Listen, I don’t understand why you people who believe in this “garbage” and at that matter, anyone who does not believe that God is not our savior feel the need to rat christians out for their beliefs. I know a couple of you can respect it, and that’s just fine with me. But many of you just plain rant on us christians, but what have we ever done to you, has god hurt you in any way? God created you, and everything you have, everything you can imagine and you say things like “I hate him” “He’s not real” “That dumb @$$ doesn’t even exist!” Well, could you please respect our opinons. We have done everything possible to reach out to you, and try to invite you to the church of Christ, and you have done nothing but rant us out.

God Bless.


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  1. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Alchamire, you have cut to the core of Christian belief. You are entitled to your beliefs, as long as YOU DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD!

  2. naprawa sterownika PSG16 says:

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  5. Joukahainen says:

    I personally hate when the Bible should be the truth but TADA! suddenly some guy can just tell that btw, this new thing, the ONCE-HEARD-ABOUT-IT-AND-SOUNDS-STRANGE is against his beliefs and so also against everyone else’s beliefs. And better yet, he (or she, to be fair) may say matter-o-fucking-factly that all those who don’t think the same are GOING TO HELL!!! Where do those people get the authorization to say those things? Are they in charge of sending people to hell (or better yet, to a special place in hell), do they know the one sending people there or something else? Isn’t it blasphemy to claim that – or make it seem like – you have the powers of a God?

    Every one of us is btw going to hell because I say so. And yeah, hell is a tough place. It’s like this world but at some time after our deaths. There are dead people walking among us. They were living before, died, then every born child feels like “I’m *me*”, just like the dead person thought when he/she still lived. Doesn’t that make every one of us born after someone’s death in fact new reincarnation of that guy?

  6. Sid says:

    I’m sorry Grace but when you say that we should respect your opinons, you are contradicting youself. As a
    pastafarian/Athiest, I have to say that you want us to leave you alone but what you call (Reaching out to us, iinviting us to your church of christ) That is ranting on us and not respecting out oppinions. I have no problem with cristianity and them having their beliefs, but its when you try to shove that shit down my throat, thats what i hate about it. I don’t belive in God, I think god was made up long ago as a narrative and some one took it way out of context. But the thing is i’m fine with people beliveing in him, i don’t want them teling me if i don’t belive then we are going to hell because GOD of all people doesn’t respect our opinions and belifes. Get real

  7. Bluebear says:

    HMMM… lets think. What has the Christian church ever done wrong? Institutionalised paedophilia comes to mind… there are just so many things that it would take a lifetime to list them all – and I have devoted my life to the FSM. The FSM loves you, and shall be with you wherever you are.

  8. 3cott says:

    I’m with bluebear on this! as a stanuch supporter of the FSM AND the right to free speach and freedom of assosiation there are a few things i would like people to consider before writing hate mail to this site:

    . go back through your own religious history and check out just how many wrongs they have perportrated.
    . at least have a quick glance at Bertrand Russell’s theroy of the teapot. (russels teapot)
    . examine your own thoughts on hate speach, threatening behaviour before writing.

    c’mon people, really, if you don’t agree then thats fine but is it not a bit pointless to rant, rave and poke fun at us beacuse you (misguidedly) think we have done similar to you!


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