I am at a loss for words

Published February 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am at loss for words. Listen, I don’t understand why you people who believe in this “garbage” and at that matter, anyone who does not believe that God is not our savior feel the need to rat christians out for their beliefs. I know a couple of you can respect it, and that’s just fine with me. But many of you just plain rant on us christians, but what have we ever done to you, has god hurt you in any way? God created you, and everything you have, everything you can imagine and you say things like “I hate him” “He’s not real” “That dumb @$$ doesn’t even exist!” Well, could you please respect our opinons. We have done everything possible to reach out to you, and try to invite you to the church of Christ, and you have done nothing but rant us out.

God Bless.


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  1. nun s equator says:

    i will need 2 make a note of this, now…


    as an alternate way of using ‘offensive’ word spelling.


  2. Father Mario says:

    I think what you fail to realize, Grace, is that the FSM is the ultimate authority on everything. Maybe you haven’t heard about how He created the hill and midget, or how He boiled for your sins. He wants to bless you with delicious beer and strippers! Sadly, you feel the need to reject Him, to say He isn’t real. You need to respect our beliefs, and repent from your ways to save your heathen soul! I will gladly guide you through the process of becoming a Pastafarian, for He is willing to bring everyone into the loving embrace of His noodly appendage.


    • Alphy says:

      Dear Father Mario,

      What I kind loving reply. You are such a wonderful example of our beloved FSM’s love for these misguided Christians souls. FSM will forgive Grace if she is truly contrite, confesses all her sins in your confessional and give her the strength, grace and love of a true pastafarian. She can start eating real food for the soul (pasta) instead of fundamentalist shit. Also it would probably do grace and lot of good to have a few beers and see a few hot sexy bubble butt male strippers. It will set her pinned up soul free!

      FSM bless you so much, Father Mario

  3. Alphy says:

    I hope you other Pastafarians will forgive me for my misspelled words, poor punctuation, typos and errors. I seldom write a post without an error. But I guess we all can’t be perfect and sinless all the time like fundamentalist Christians. Maybe if I eat more spaghettii it will help but I have a weakness for eggplant parmesan.

  4. Kirby_mongerr says:

    where do we say we hate your god? at least our religion doesn’t say that believing anything else is evil. we don’t need saving.

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