Have you ever read what you have written?

Published February 2nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Have you ever read what you have written? If you have, RE-read it. Your so-called scientific evidence of this “FSM” is that he secretly changes the outcome of scientists results of the age of the earth with his noodely appendage- where’s the evidence? We are supposed to go off your evidence with a simple, “he’s invisible, he can walk through walls, and he is there to change a scientist’s answers with his flying spaghetti monster super powers?”

Seriously, that’s right, I’m being SERIOUS, PIRATES?! Of course the number of pirates has gone down over the years, people evolve and the age changes. People can go the supermarket to get food instead of pillaging villages to steal their food and money. We have jobs now. There is no need for pirates. Saying that the reason the earth is heating is because the number of PIRATES has gone down is like a Christian saying that hell is filling with too many souls, which means that it’s getting hotter and over heating the earth. Nothing against Christians-, i am one, but it would sound ridiculous even for one to say that.

Re-read your evidence and see if you can find some legitimate information, instead of feeding empty lies to people. It is simple logic. Use the common sense you were born with. Back up your theories with substantial evidence! Do not just say something you invented off the top of your head. God made us in his image. Are we made to look like spaghetti? Think about it. Use LOGIC. It is as simple as that. Think. You do not have to be a genius to see stupidity when it is right in front of you. I just want you to think about it and see reason and logic. People make noodles and meatballs and spaghetti sauce out of flour and COWS and tomatoes. Who made the ingredients to make your god? I just encourage you to use common sense and think about the fact that you are worshipping a meal.


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  1. Matt Reason says:

    Does he not realise that it is a parody to highlight the stupidity of intelligent design and religion as a whole.

  2. johan says:

    Are you dumb in your ear?!

    Don`t you understand he`s making fun of the other stupid creationists
    who belive in just as stupid things that has no scientific evidence.
    And if you belive that people really do belive in a spaghetti monster then you`re… well…
    Anyway it is ment to be a parody religion (if you know what the word “parody” means).

  3. Joe Wilson says:

    well…it wasn’t started as a religion. This was started as a parody of religion, to show that religion doesn’t use logic. So…you agree with us. Stop writing hate mail.

  4. Joe Wilson says:

    if we were designed to look like the Christian God, why the hell does he appear as a “pillar of flame” before the Jews during Exodus? Last time I checked, I was still 98.6 degrees.

  5. I'll call myself... says:

    Can you give us proof of your God’s existence?

  6. jc says:

    Whooooooosh! Went over her head like a low flying F16

  7. me says:

    This person clearly doesn’t get that there isn’t a “fact that you are worshipping a meal.”

  8. BeeJay says:

    # 302, not all people aged under 20 have poor writing and grammar skills. I myself am 15 and am a rather accomplished writer. I know many people aged 20 + that may perhaps type worse than this. It is education not age ;]

    Anyways, about this E-mail, the first thing I have to say is fine, there is no evidence supporting our religion, but where is the evidence supporting your own? You say God created us in his own image, YOUR God created us in his own image. What’s saying our God did that very same thing? Where is the logic for your own God? You guys really need to think before you write out these crappy lil hate mails :)


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