Great painting

Published February 24th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson
Painting by Joey Stephenson; Russellville, Alabama.

I like it a lot. Maybe we should have some sort of art contest – what do you guys think?

26 Responses to “Great painting”

  1. shamar says:

    Ha ha ha…red eyes, he looks stoned :-)

  2. Marf says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

    I think an art contest would be a wonderful idea!

  3. detcader says:

    It would be like the opposite of the Christian Great Schism

    Everyone comin’ together, making likenesses of their god

  4. Cameron says:

    Yes. Absolutely.

  5. tombombadil says:

    i’m currently making a mosiac FSM….so if there is an art contest can we give it a couple of weeks?

  6. Penne Pete says:

    I love the idea of a contest. Get your creative sauces flowing.

  7. Nahmala says:

    I really hope there’s a contest. There will be so many great works of Noodly Art!

    Great painting!!

  8. Madelene says:

    This is brilliant, excellent!
    How much do want for it? I will buy it!
    How beautiful it is.

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