FSM on the Rachel Maddow Show

Published February 13th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Rachel Maddow talks about Darwin’s Birthday and the evolution – ID debate, and about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

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  1. tris says:

    Only 39% of US Americans “believe” in Darwinism??!!!!! (the very choice of the words “believe in” instead of “accept” or “agree with” or “admit” speaks volumes about the whole US religion-based “forma mentis”)
    And what about the 36% with no opinion?? does that mean they don’t know anything about Darwinism or understand what it says??!!!!!
    Christ! the situation is far worse than I expected….. I can only hope they fucked up the demographics of the survey and mostly asked the opinions of rednecks in the Bible-belt….. otherwise it would seem that the US is truly benighted and wallowing in medieval superstition and ignorance! I don’t know the figures but I think (And hope!) that if you asked folks in Europe it would be something like 70% or more who accept the validity of Darwin’s theories (even including the Christians of various persuasions, who seem to have managed to reconcile faith and Science somehow… must be something to do with a long history of pluralistic values based on European multiculturalism and exchange of ideas and opinions… despite the occasional war I’m afraid!).
    It’s all pretty scary stuff….. now I can see the vital need for Pastafarianism even more. Keep the Jolly Roger flying guys!

    • Al Dente says:

      May we Pastafarians never run short of Parmesan!

  2. Lyds says:

    Excellent! The message of the FSM is getting out there! rAmen!!!! Yarrrrgggggh!

  3. Madelene says:

    Take THAT, organized religion! Ha!
    Even Rachel Madden says He exsists.
    May the WORLD be touched by his noodly appendage!

  4. VinZ says:


    you label intelligent falling (IF) as ‘idiot’? It is not only obvious that things ‘fall’ because His Noodly Appendage is pushing things down, it is also scripture about the how and why. If the FSM chooses so, things might ‘fall’ sideways or even upward. As a matter of fact this happens all the time, but gets unnoticed because to test our Faith, his Noodly Appendage will then push our eyelids down for us not to see these ‘anomalies’.
    I have discovered and pictured rock hard geological evidence that ‘Intelligent Falling’ controlled by the FSM is a fact and not a theory.

    In fact ‘gravity’ is just a theory and it is a theory in crisis!


  5. plumberbob says:

    Since in this site’s “About” section, Prophet Bobby says, “Anything that comes across as humor or satire is purely coincidental”, we should be very pleased when someone with the audience that Rachel Maddow has, laughs at us. It’s really laughing with us. Think of the new exposure that we’ve gotten.


  6. Insightful Ape says:

    15, and 18:
    THEORY of evolution is part of a conspiracy. Other parts of this conspiracy are the atomic theory, germ theory of disease, and theory of relativity. The name of that conspiracy is reality, which as is obvious here, is part of a bigger liberal plot.

  7. James says:

    Hey, I am a scientist and an MD. I am wondering how to send a letter of support to your site. Great job, all are blessed from the lo mein floppy noodles to the chow mein hard noodles.

  8. Adam E says:

    This site is brilliant. Rachel Maddow is also brilliant, I’m glad she did a story about this.

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