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Published February 23rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Ever take a closer look at the logo for FrostWire, which is basically LimeWire with a different skin and free “LimeWire Pro” service? It looks like *all* pirates are His chosen people, not just the nautical variety.



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  1. Andrew says:

    Credit for this goes to my earthly, VD-free stripper, Emmy, who was with me when I was downloading shit and pointed the logo out to me.

  2. Pez says:

    Haha this one made me laugh!

  3. Ben Tremblay says:

    Lol, what a spot.

    Good job, Andrew

  4. Elias says:

    I knew it!

  5. Timotee says:

    I agree with Andrew’s assessment, and in order to better worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I will immediately become more piratical by using FrostWire! Bless the FSM for touching so much and leaving such plentiful evidence of His existence!

  6. Zach says:

    Gar, it be true that the Pirates are forever the true believers of His Noodliness.

  7. xoites says:

    It just occurred to me that if Christians can erect buildings and place a cross on top we should really embrace the giant fork as our icon which would not only commemorate the Giant Spaghetti Monster’s death and ascension into orifice but it would symbolize how religion forks us everyday.

  8. mike says:

    LOVE the fork symbol idea !!! Fantastic ! maybe have FSM inscribed on the handle.

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